Hannity, Huckabee Want To Send Anti-Woke North Korean Defector on U.S. College Tour

Fox News personality Sean Hannity and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee suggested on Monday that North Korean defector Yeonmi Park should go on a tour of U.S. colleges, following her comments criticizing Columbia University.

Park told Hannity about her experiences in North Korea, which is a dictatorship currently ruled by Kim Jong Un and led by his family since the 1940s. She compared American colleges to the regime.

She said that studying at New York's Columbia University reminded her of education in North Korea and criticized professors for blaming problems on "white men."

"I fell in love with this country, this is such a wonderful country," Park said.

Speaking of Columbia, she said: "Literally every professor was saying the problems that we have in today's world is because of white men [and] how they colonized Africa [and] Asia, that's how they mess up everything and they are the ones who need to be blamed—and I couldn't believe it."

"Am I sitting in North Korea's classroom or in America's classroom? I couldn't believe why people were hating their own people that much," Park said.

Park told Hannity that the college curriculum had been censored in the interest of "safe spaces" and compared it to North Korea's method of teaching citizens that Americans are "bastards."

"I literally crossed the Gobi desert to be free and now I thought I live in a country where I can say what I believe and have my freedom to think. However, now I have to constantly censor my speech because in the name of a safe space," Park said.

"Columbia told us [what] we can't talk about and I am so concerned if America is not free, I think there is no place else left that is free—that's why it's really alarming to me," Park added.

Hannity brought on Huckabee, a former Republican presidential candidate, to comment on Park's remarks. The Fox News host made reference to so-called "cancel culture" and political correctness.

"And then to hear this, it doesn't really shock me but hearing it still shocks me, if that makes any sense," Hannity said.

"Well, it makes a whole lot of sense. I tell you what would make a lot of sense," Huckabee said. "Why don't you and I get her a tour bus and we'll pay for it, Sean, you and me, and we'll send her to every college campus in America and let this remarkable young woman speak and tell her story."

"I'm in," Hannity said as Huckabee continued to speak. "I'm in."

Hannity then asked Park: "Would you consider this trip—this bus trip that Governor Huckabee's talking about? Would you consider talking to college campuses? Although I've got to warn you, you'd probably be protested and they'd try to cancel you and shut you down because that happens, as a conservative, I can tell you every conservative I know lives through that experience. Would you consider that, though?"

Park suggested she would consider the tour.

"My used-to-be enemy was Kim Jong Un, Park said. "I have been on the killing list of Kim Jong Un for many years because I spoke out in the West about the suffering of North Korean people. My original family got punished but now ironically enough, so many Marxists and Communists and Maoists, Leninists are sending me death threats."

Park is 27 years old and escaped from North Korea in 2007. She is the author of In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom, which was published in 2015.

Newsweek has asked Columbia University for comment.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park in 2018
Activist Yeonmi Park attends The Tory Burch Foundation 2018 Embrace Ambition Summit at Alice Tully Hall on April 24, 2018 in New York City. Fox News' Sean Hannity has suggested Park take a tour of U.S. colleges. Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tory Burch Foundation