'Hate My Job': Fuming Worker Posts Snap of Filthy Cinema Covered in Popcorn

Going to the movies is a staple of date nights and family fun days, and is usually accompanied by an assortment of snacks—in particular popcorn.

But a photo of a filthy cinema covered in kernels is going viral online, as a worker fumed about cleaning up the mess.

Twitter user Julia posted a photo to her account, @honeydewtown, as she shared a snap of the floor and seats covered in so much food, it actually looks like a pattern on the carpet.

File photo of messy theater.
File photo of messy theater. A worker fumed about the mess left behind with popcorn all over a cinema. Leonard Mc Lane/Getty Images

The black seats and stairs even have a copious dusting of popcorn, as Julia raged: "I hate my job sometimes omg... if you do this at a cinema I hate you I'm sorry."

The post, uploaded on Friday, has amassed more than 480,000 likes, as people sympathized with workers being forced to clean avoidable spills, while some simply stated it was part of the job description.

Addressing some of those concerns, Julia wrote in the comments: "Like, yes it's our job to clean up but s*** like this is just ridiculous lmao we are underpaid and stressed!!!!!"

While Xploshi asked: "I've never seen a theatre left in this state after I was done watching a movie wtf. Is this an American thing??"

Nai thought: "That's so disrespectful omg."

Craige Timmins said: "That's why Popcorn costs £10 ($12.51)... £2 ($2.50) of product, and £8 ($10) for cleaning... I do get puzzled though, when you are paid by the hour, what's the difference between a bit of popcorn and a lot? Why does it matter, your times paid for?"

Madison pointed out: "Literally wtf? Just because it's your job to clean up doesn't mean people should abuse that policy. It's also a waste. Don't make it harder on someone who is just doing their job."

Carvana asked: "Was it purposeful? As a movie theatre employee it still confuses me why someone would do this on purpose."

"God I can't imagine being this disrespectful. How do you live with yourself. When I go to the movies, I always pick up popcorn I drop, especially if the theatre was already clean. I even wipe up spills and crumbs at restaurants. Can't stand leaving a mess for others to clean up," @Nayuki_RN commented.

Although Coach Ham added: "Nothing a good vacuum couldn't handle, it's not like you have to pick up every kernel, stop whining."

Alexa asked: "I'm just wondering how this happens like wth. Did they just decide to throw popcorn in the air just to be rude? lmao where is the human decency?!!"

Chrome Heart Tags quipped: "New invention called vacuum cleaners. It'll clean that in 3min."

In response to some of the backlash she received, Julia penned a follow-up tweet, saying: "Y'all stop bullying me and calling me lazy for complaining about the popcorn lmao. Like yes I AM lazy but no need to be rude about it!! Jeez."

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It's not clear which film the mess was made in, but some popular films in theaters right now include The Northman, starring Anna Taylor Joy, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Cruise reprises his role as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick.

While it's also not stated where Julia is based, the leading cinema chain in the U.S. and Canada is AMC Entertainment, according to figures from the National Association of Theatre Owners.

Its website explains the duties expected by cinema staff, and yes, they do include cleaning.

A job description for a crew position, starting at $10 an hour at an AMC theater in Texas, indicates applicants need to be willing to "clean and maintain the exterior and interior areas of the theatre including auditoriums, restrooms, lobbies, concession areas, and box office areas."

Newsweek reached out to @honeydewtown for comment.