'FCKBLM' License Plate, Seen on Car With Trump 2024 Sign, Gets Recalled

Officials in the Hawaii capital of Honolulu have recalled an offensive license plate created during an "ill-advised oversight" of the review process.

The license plate reading "FCKBLM"—an apparent abbreviation of "f**k Black Lives Matter"—was spotted on the road and reported to KITV4.

The City of Honolulu was made aware of the plate, which was believed to have been issued on the island of Oahu, after KITV4 brought it to their attention.

KITV4's Tom George later tweeted out a picture of the license plate on a vehicle with "Trump 2024" placard on the back window, along the slogan "because f**k you."

In a statement to Newsweek, a spokesperson for the City of Honolulu said they are not sure how the request for the license plate made it through the vetting process as the letters "FCK" and "FKN" are automatically rejected.

The offending license plate has since been recalled.

UPDATE: @HonoluluGov responds to offensive “FCKBLM” license plate being issued in Hawaii: says it was missed “due to an ill-advised oversight during the review process,” says plate will be recalled and owner will be ordered to surrender it #BlackLivesMatter #BLM @KITV4 pic.twitter.com/8ACwSeoAeI

— Tom George (@TheTomGeorge) August 10, 2021

"More than 4,500 orders for personalized license plates are processed every year in the City and County of Honolulu. Regrettably, we missed a publicly objectionable one you are bringing to our attention due to an ill-advised oversight during the review process," a spokesperson added.

"Our challenge with this particular city service is finding the appropriate balance between protecting a customer's right to free speech and ensuring good taste or decency in the combination of letters and numbers on personalized license plates.

"When offensive or profane requests slip through our screening process, we promptly put a stopper on the vehicle registration and recall the license plate.

"This prevents the owner of the vehicle from registering the vehicle. It also gives the city the authority to seize the vehicle if the owner doesn't surrender the plate and continues to drive the vehicle."

Earlier this year, an investigation was launched after neo-Nazi license plates were spotted in Alaska.

Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka ordered a review into the Division of Motor Vehicles' (DMV) processes in permitting personalized plates after a photo of one reading "3REICH"—a reference to the Nazi regime the Third Reich—was shared on Twitter by former editor of the Alaska Star Matt Tunseth in January.

Another plate containing the word "FUHRER", a common reference to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, was also spotted in Alaska in October 2020.

Tshibaka said the plates had previously been recalled by the DMV and replacement standard plates sent out to be displayed instead.

Following the outcome of the review, Tshibaka said she ordered the DMV to review tens of thousands of personalized license plates that have been issued by the state.

"Alaskans can rest assured that we will find and revoke any plates that violate the rules of Alaska's personalized license plate program," Tshibaka said in a statement.

"Messages that promote violent, vulgar, criminal or demeaning terms will not be tolerated.

FCKBLM license plate
Traffic in honolulu 10 Nov. 2011. Officials in the Hawaii capital of Honolulu have recalled an offensive "FCKBLM" license plate after it was spotted on the road. Francis Dean/Corbis/Getty Images