Heartwarming Video Shows Cat Being Reunited With Owner After 'Years' Apart

A cat named Boris has gone viral for recognizing his old owner after years of living in a new household, and his reaction has delighted the internet.

In a post shared on Reddit, the cat's ex owner, who goes by the username u/BillBearBaggins, explained that he had to give the cat away a few years ago, first because of financial troubles and then because COVID-19 hit.

However he wanted to make sure Boris went to a loving family that was going to take good care of him, so he left him with his sister, who also managed to win the cat's affection.

The video shared in the post, shows the long haired cat jumping on his ex-owner, licking him all over his face for about half a minute.

According to research by The Zebra, there are approximately 30 to 40 million stray, feral, uncared-for cats in the United States and 3.2 million cats find themselves in a shelter every year.

The video, which was first posted on the r/cats subreddit on Wednesday, has already reached over 33,200 upvotes and attracted 387 comments, with most people simply loving it.

One user, Quiet_Ad5539, commented: "I'm so happy for you. Make sure you keep visiting him, he's gonna be upset when you go home I'm sure. Very handsome kitty!!"

sweet cat
A stock image shows a cat licking its owner's nose. A video of a cat has gone viral for its reaction to meeting a previous owner after years apart. Getty Images

MrsMalch wrote: "He is like...WHERE have you been!?" And ladyaren added: "And Why don't you smell like me at all anymore!?!?! I must fix this immediately!!!"

Another user, Fluffy_Ad6481 said: " What a sweetheart, non-stop kisses, licks, headbutts to show he loves you very much." Redditor neomachine2 added: "That's true love right there! You can't fake that."

Simplepleashures praised the original poster for finding a good place for his cat to live: "Must have been hard giving him up for financial reasons but it was responsible making sure he was properly taken care of. Glad you got reunited."

Other users shared their own experience of having to give up their cats. Hungr612 said: "I had to give up my cat years ago for the same thing. He went to an ex that'd lived with us for several years so she at least went to someone she was familiar with."

Lifetooshort4bs joked: "He didn't miss you at all, lol. /s Sweet reunion!" And 2sjt said: "I'm crying rn and I don't know anyone involved." Purple_Carrot9861 added: "Aww he still remembers and loves you."

Another user, sepansk4 argued: "Anyone who believes cats do not have emotion towards their owners like dogs needs to watch this video." And MadMageMC said: "That is a kitty who loves and has sorely missed its human."

"Oh wow. That's amazing. Very nice story. You don't find often cats licking faces for a decent period of time. It really loves you," said WordOk8931.

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