Hero Bull Terrier 'Rocky' Saves Owner When House Catches Fire

A bull terrier named Rocky is being hailed as a hero for alerting his owner about a house fire. The dog's actions saved its owner's life.

On April 2, Fernando Montes de Oca, a resident of Sulphur Springs, Texas, awoke to hear his dog barking. A fire had broken out while Montes de Oca had fallen asleep. Upon waking, the man saw flames coming through the top of a nearby window and a door, he told KTBC.

When he tried to open the door, the hot doorknob severely burned his hand.

"When I opened it up, all I see is just flames everywhere outside," Montes de Oca told the news station. "So I had to run through the flames. When I ran through the flames, my dog was just barking. He was just hysterical."

An initial investigation concluded that an overloaded power strip might've sparked the fire. The fire destroyed his home. A hospital treated Montes de Oca's burned hand. He's expected to fully recover.

The dog also survived unharmed, despite its exposure to smoke and flames. Montes de Oca has owned Rocky since the dog was a puppy.

Rocky bull terrier hero dog fire save
Rocky, a bull terrier, has been hailed as a dog hero for saving his owner from a house fire. In this image, a bull terrier leaps into a field of yellow flowers. Alberto Clemares Expósito/Getty

Rocky is just the latest dog recognized for its heroic actions.

In early April, two terriers named Squirt and Mei Mei scared off a curious bear that had wandered into the house of DeeDee Mueller, a resident of Pasadena, California.

A video camera captured the incident. The video shows the young bear startled by the dogs' barking and then running away. Though the bear tried to return, the dogs' barking drove it away a second time. Mueller said she discovered a trail of the bear's urine left in the creature's path, which she interpreted as its fearful response.

On March 20, a husky named Dai Bao killed a poisonous four-foot cobra outside of its owners' Malaysian home.

Yap, the dog's owner, told the publication Guang Ming Daily that her daughter heard Dai Bao's bark. When the daughter, went to investigate, she found Dai Bao with the snake in its mouth and a bite upon the dog's nose. The snake died from its injuries.

The family took Dai Bao to the vet. Though the vet gave the dog injections and intravenous medicine to try and save its life, the vet had no snake antivenom available, and the dog died. The family had first adopted the dog as a stray.

In November 2020, a 1-and-a-half-year-old retriever mix named Hero helped five other dogs escape a dangerous situation of neglect inside of a hoarder's home.

The dog broke through the boarded window of a house in Columbus, Nebraska. In doing so, it alerted a neighbor across the street.

When police investigated, they discovered Hero and the other dogs covered in feces and suffering from starvation. The dogs were all taken to a local shelter where they received medical care and were eventually adopted.

Newsweek contacted the Bull Terrier Club of America for comment.