Woman Finds Hidden Steps Leading to a Vast Basement Beneath Her 1908 Home

A woman was shocked to find a vast basement underneath her 1908 house, after spotting her decking was amiss.

Halledyer291 shared a clip to TikTok as she unpacked and explored her new home, thought to be in Lompoc, California. She uploaded a video to the social media site on Friday, which she captioned: "Found these weird steps under my patio."

It shows her and a friend filming the wooden decking, which she lifts up to reveal steps leading down to a basement. Halle narrates the video, saying: "So I just moved into this old home, and we noticed that these are weird, and look at what we found."

The coffee shop owner and a pal decide to explore, and they walk around the vast space, which is tall enough to stand in. The cellar appears to be a set of interconnecting rooms, as Halle says: "And there's a door right there, I'm scared."

They walk through and film the basement, which has dirt floors, the water heater and ducting. Although there's an ominous sign painting on a wooden beam, saying: "Wrong way."

The women explore further, as Halle continues: "It's dark, it's scary. Oh my god there's another door. It's huge in there. I'm scared."

The clip blew up on the site, amassing 1.3 million views, and can be seen here. It proved so popular she shared a follow-up on Sunday, which she captioned: "It's very scary don't watch."

Halle and a friend went back down into the basement with some better lights, although they also decided to go down at night, with a glass of wine. This time they manage to find a light switch and they're able to capture the basement in all its glory.

As Halle walks down the stairs, she films a hatch by the stairs, saying: "You guys wanted to know what was in that door, and I don't know what's in that door, but I'm not willing to go that way."

She walks into the large space, she declares: "It's literally the size of the entire house."

In the comments Halle revealed more about the 2,200 square foot property, revealing it was built in 1908, and she pays $2,500 a month in rent.

Responding to comments from people claiming it could have been part of the underground railroad, Halle revealed this was unlikely, saying: "No I don't live in that part of the country."

But she did think it could be tied to prohibition, saying: "We had a huge prohibition where I live too. Like there's murals and stuff so maybe."

And she has similar plans for the space, adding: "I want to turn it into a bar now."


It’s very scary don’t watch

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Numerous people commented on the clip, with @caterpillerf4rm suggesting: "That's scary but if you get good light in there and make it cute, you have a whole other room."

Mariah Rivero reckoned: "Ya'll ever seen that movie Disturbia? This is giving very much that."

Mickayla wrote; "I would make it into a fun room with a bar and pool table."

"It's just the crawlspace, but it's totally awesome. I love secret compartments," Kat (Switch) wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Halle for comment.

File photo of basement stairs.
File photo of basement stairs. A woman discovered steps leading to a basement beneath her 1908 house. Анатолий Тушенцов/Getty Images