Hillary Clinton Booed at Sanders Town Hall After Fox News Aired Clip of Her Saying 'Bernie Just Drove Me Crazy… Nobody Likes Him'

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was booed at a town hall event of her former campaign rival, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders took part in a Fox News town hall event in Dearborn, Michigan on Monday. When a clip from the Hulu documentary series Hillary aired, the crowd at the event loudly booed Clinton for making disparaging remarks about the senator.

"Bernie just drove me crazy. He was in Congress for years. Years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him. He got nothing done," said Clinton in the clip. "He was a career politician. He did not work until he was like 41 and then he got elected to something. It was all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it."

Sanders viewed the clip along with the audience and appeared via split screen while a portion of it played. As the clip ended to a chorus of boos from the crowd, the senator seemed mildly amused and dismissive of the comments, while disputing the idea that he was unpopular.

"Unlike Secretary Clinton, I don't want to relive 2016, we're in 2020 now," Sanders said. "What I would say—on a good day, my wife likes me. But also, if you look at some of the polling they do for United States senators... in most cases, I turn out to be the most popular United States senator in the whole country. One or two people must like me."

When news about Clinton's remarks on Sanders emerged in January, months before the documentary aired on the streaming platform, many of the senator's supporters reacted with outrage.

Clinton and Sanders
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential run was endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders at a campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on July 12, 2016. JUSTIN SAGLIO/AFP/Getty

The 2016 Democratic primaries had been a heated battle for both the candidates and their supporters. After losing a tense race, Sanders eventually endorsed and campaigned for Clinton in the general election.

Clinton has defended the comments as her "authentic opinion" then and now, while also noting that they "were like 15 seconds in a documentary."

Some of the comments Clinton made are not quite factually accurate. Sanders did hold a series of jobs long before he was 41 and he was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1981 at the age of 39. How much the senator has achieved during his time as a national politician is a matter of opinion and debate, but the answer is not likely to be "nothing."

Additional negative comments from Clinton have also been harshly received by many supporters of Sanders. During appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on February 6, she suggested that Sanders was betraying the "trust" of Americans by making campaign promises that he would not be able to fulfill.

"You've got to be responsible for what you say and what you say you're going to do. We need to rebuild trust in our fellow Americans, and in our institutions," Clinton said. "And if you promise the moon and you can't deliver the moon, then that is going to be one more indicator of how we just can't trust each other."

Newsweek reached out to a spokesperson for Clinton, who declined to comment on this story.