Home Depot Clears Up Rumors of Donations to Herschel Walker's Campaign

After a rough week for U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, some people took to Twitter to push to boycott companies supporting Walker's campaign.

Walker, a Georgia Republican and former NFL star who is facing Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, has been behind in the polls a month before the midterm elections in November amid a report in The Daily Beast alleging he paid for his former girlfriend's abortion in 2009.

A critic of abortion, Walker has denied the allegations and said he plans to sue the publication. Walker has received sharp criticism from his son, Christian Walker, on Twitter. Afterward, self-proclaimed Democrat Nathalie Jacoby took to Twitter to accuse The Home Depot of donating to Walker's campaign. Jacoby asked that her 234,000 followers boycott the company.

The Home Depot denied Jacoby's claim.

"Hi Nathalie," The Home Depot tweeted directly to her Friday. "The company has not contributed to this campaign. The contribution was from our co-founder Bernie Marcus, who left The Home Depot more than 20 years ago."

A spokesperson from The Home Depot told Newsweek in a statement that Marcus' views do not represent the company.

"The Home Depot's PAC hasn't donated to Herschel Walker's or Raphael Warnock's campaigns," the statement said. "We're correcting the facts on social media as much as we can."

Marcus, who co-founded The Home Depot in Georgia with Arthur Blank, has a history of supporting conservative political candidates. A Fox News article in 2019 said Marcus announced he would support former President Donald Trump in his 2020 re-election campaign. The 90-year-old billionaire reportedly donated to Trump's 2016 campaign, as well. The article said Marcus still held many shares with The Home Depot.

Jacoby, who said The Home Depot donated $1.75 million to Walker's campaign, has a history of asking her followers to boycott companies. A pinned tweet at the top of her Twitter profile said, "Will you join me in pledging to NEVER shop at Hobby Lobby, NEVER eat at chick-fil-a and never sleep on a My Pillow?"

Jacoby promised to "boost accounts" on Twitter that promised to boycott the company.

Other Twitter voices are asking The Home Depot to issue an official statement condemning Marcus for his support of Walker.

"Y'all should put out a public statement specifically denouncing Bernie Marcus's support of Herschel Walker, ASAP," tweeted Ben McKee, the bassist for pop rock band Imagine Dragons. "Anything less really looks like y'all are not in opposition to Bernie's/Herschel's hurtful and damaging actions against women and the LGBTQIA+ community."

The Home Depot storefront
The Home Depot denied donating money to Republican Herschel Walker's Senate campaign in Georgia, saying co-founder Bernie Marcus did. Marcus left the company 20 years ago. Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images