Homeowner Moaning About Neighbor's 'Shoddy' Painting of Shared Fence Slated

A homeowner complaining about their neighbor's "shoddy" paint job on their side of the shared fence has been slammed online.

The disgruntled resident took to Mumsnet, under username Cheesersqueezer, where they fumed their next-door neighbor decided to paint the boundary marker, without telling them first.

They raged: "My side looks awful now. If they had told me they were doing it, I would have arranged to get my side done too.

"It's a totally different colour and the top and sides are the new colour, as are all the drips on my side. They did this a few years ago as well but it was the same colour and I still had to promptly paint my side because it looked so bad with the drips.

File photo of fence painting.
File photo of fence painting. A homeowner has raged their neighbor did a "shoddy" job painting their side of the shared fence. Yana Boiko

"I probably said nothing at the time. I will need to get my side painted the same (neighbours choice of colour again)—I don't know whose fence it is, if anyone's, it was here before we both moved here, but it maybe is theirs."

"Just annoyed because I think we usually have a good neighbourly relationship."

And to make matters worse, they continued: "I have a family party planned at the weekend and have been getting the garden looking presentable and it now looks, well, shoddy and horrible."

The post, which can be read here, starts "to be annoyed my neighbour has painted their side of their fence?... without telling me?"

It has been widely panned by Mumsnetters, amassing more than 100 replies.

WetWilly quipped: "How awful they didn't consult you first to marry up dates. It will be utterly distressing for your party guests and will ruin the evening."

SmartCarDriver joked: "Well it's certainly someone's fence! Cancel the party, obviously the shame can't be overcome."

Jedsnewstar advised: "Paint it the colour you want and let it drip down their side. Or whatever."

GinIronic simply wrote: "Who owns the fence?"

CandyLeBonBon joked: "Move out, burn the house down and relocate to deepest darkest Peru, op. It's the only way!"

EatYourVegetables thought: "Buy hot pink paint, paint your side, make sure it drips."

Meraas agreed, saying: "Paint your side the colour you want. They can get the drips this time."

Bigthicksliceoftoast reckoned: "YABU—you expect them to have a tatty fence so that you don't have drips? They're just as entitled to try and make their garden nice as you are. Just paint over the drips if it bothers you that much. It's clearly not a new fence if it pre-dates either of you occupying the houses. You'd probably be equally likely to complain if they didn't maintain it."

girlmom21 asked: "Why don't you just find out who owns the fence? Why do you have to paint it the same colour? I can honestly say I've never not enjoyed a get-together because someone's neighbour painted the fence."

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Although as a few people pointed out, while it's a shared fence there seemed to be questions as to which neighbor officially owned it.

The Land Registry website in the U.K., where they're thought to be based, clarified: "In England and Wales, there is no legal presumption that a person owns or must maintain a fence or other boundary barrier on the left or on the right. Ownership of the boundary is normally determined by the builder who erects the buildings.

"More often than not, however, it will be necessary to look at the ownership documents each side of the boundary, and sometimes even for the houses at the two ends of the street."

After being humbled by the comments, Cheesersqueezer added: "Thanks to those who agreed that it was fair enough to be annoyed about having an unsightly fence.

"My neighbour has since said, sorry, I should have told you I was painting the fence: I hadn't said anything about the fence, so she must have forgotten.

"Just as the drippy paint will 'ruin the party', this thread has cured me of ever posting to sound off again."

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