'Run': New Homeowners Find Terrifying Symbol After Pulling Up Carpets

Moving into a new home is an exciting process, but when purchasing an older property, you never truly know what you're going to get. Maybe the previous owners were obsessed with cheesy house signs, or your dream home comes with a basement dweller.

Still, discovering your new house may have been a former Satanist hub is a whole other level of creepy.

In a post shared to the Reddit forum r/OddlyTerrifying on Wednesday, which can be viewed here, user AdamPowers22 posted a photo of the pentagram they found while renovating their friend's new home.

Captioned: "Pulled up the carpets in newly purchased house to find this," the image shows a five-point pentagram seemingly scratched into a wooden floor.

In just five hours, the post received over 18,000 upvotes and 2,800 comments from curious Redditors desperate to know more about the frightening find.

User 72616262697473 joked: "Don't worry about it. You should light some candles and recite Latin poetry to ease your mind."

El_Sidgio commented: "Yeah they shouldn't worry. If there was a big scorch mark in the middle they should be worried."

Phixional added: "No sacrificial blood stains either, bonus."

While Life_complaint6500 recommend the user: "Run."

According to American Haunts, a haunted house events company, there are currently 1,200 haunted house attractions across the U.S, attracting on average around 8,000 visitors each per year.

Although Americans can't get enough of the spooky fun a haunted house experience provides, few people actually want to live in one. Two in five U.S. adults believe that ghosts and demons are real, with 20 percent believing they have encountered a ghost and 11 percent claiming to have had a run-in with a demon. Fortunately, paranormal investigators say there are steps you can take to rid a spirit from your home.

AdamPowers22 told Newsweek: "The estate agents covered it up with a rug.

"The house is a few hundred years old and is in London. No knowledge of the former owners!"

Some users suggested the Redditor get the Winchester brothers from the TV show Supernatural to investigate.

Weareprisonershere said: "Typical Winchester move."

Justarnadomchic commented: "I'm inclined to re-watch all the seasons after this post."

RadioStrong advised the Redditor to "put salt around this circle," referencing the brothers' tendency to use salt to ward off evil spirits and purify spaces.

Although it regularly appears in pop culture as a symbol for the devil, pentagrams have a long history. The five-point star was found on a jar discovered near the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, and as a hieroglyph, a pentagram ringed by a circle symbolized the underworld. Pentagrams as a symbol have been used by multiple religions and civilizations, from Christianity to Islam to the ancient Greeks, each with its own meaning.

Other users told AdamPowers22 not to worry about the pentagram, as it can be a symbol for protection.

Limber_Timber said: "Great score! A home with it's own protection sigil! I always have to make my own."

Malficient-Lab-7708 commented: "Pop culture has turned this symbol into an evil thing, when in fact it is the opposite."

Whether finding a pentagram carved into your floor is a good or a bad thing, AdamPowers22 decided the best way to deal with it was to sand it away.

In an update, they wrote: "Sanders are out, taking care of it. We're just going to ignore the smell coming from under the floorboards..."

Frightening Find in New Home
Derelict room in an abandoned house. The resident was surprised by what they discovered after pulling up the carpet in their new home. sarievanrooyen/iStock/Getty Images Plus