Hospital Nurse Serenades COVID Patient With Gospel Song in Heartwarming Video

A heartwarming social media video showed a nurse serenading one of her COVID patients with a gospel song. The video is another example of a nurse going above and beyond to comfort patients during a difficult time.

Methodist Healthcare — a healthcare provider in San Antonio, Texas — posted the video to its Instagram account last week. According to the video's caption, the interaction took place at Methodist Hospital South.

"Allison Walker believes in the importance of spiritual & emotional healing of her patients, not just their physical recovery, especially during the pandemic," said Methodist Healthcare in the post's caption.

"That's why she incorporates her love of singing into her work ..." the caption continued.

The video shows Walker singing "How Great Thou Art" to her patient, who happens to be a church pastor, the caption explained. The pastor recorded the video so that he could later share it with his family.

In the video, Walker is fully dressed in PPE as she sings with her eyes closed. When she begins the song's chorus, the patient attempts to sing a few words with her; however, he stops and allows Walker to finish the song on her own.

"Amen," the patient says at the end of the video. "Thank you so much — that was very beautiful."

In the post's caption, Walker said that she will do "whatever it takes" to help her patients.

"It's a fearful time for patients. And so, sometimes I will be gowned up in full PPE singing, I'll give patients a hug, or I'll pray with them ... whatever it takes," she said.

Newsweek reached out to Methodist Healthcare for additional information about Walker but did not hear back in time for publication.

The pandemic has forced many nurses to think creatively when it comes to patient care. In April, a Brazilian nurse technician Semei Araújo Cunha posted a photo of a "glove contraption" to social media, which she used to "simulate the feeling of human contact," reported Newsweek.

"We decided to do it as a form of affection, cuddling, humanization, as if someone was taking her hand, and also to soften the extremities that were very cold," Cunha said.

A viral video from the end of April shows an ICU nurse in Canada singing a song to her patients, that includes the lyrics, "you are not alone."

Commenters were moved by Methodist Healthcare's video and praised Walker for her unique act of service.

"How very generous of her to share her gift," said one commenter. "Also a shout out to the manager who hired this nurse. What a fabulous asset."

"Beautiful! what a special nurse," added another.

One Instagram user said: "Tears in my eyes now... comforting and beautiful."

"That is so beautiful!!! I love it when people understand their calling and love what they do," said someone else. "This is an exceptional nurse, please reward her. God bless her!"

nurse holding patient's hand
A heartwarming social media video shows a nurse serenading one of her COVID patients with a gospel song. CarmenMurillo/iStock