House Hunters Baffled by Florida Home With a Tree Growing in the Kitchen

While most homes have a unique selling point, one house in Gulfport has gone to extreme lengths to celebrate nature.

The 2,874 square foot home was described as a "unique property" by Gulfport Realty, who are thought to be the ones who first listed the house.

The four-bedroom, three-bath home is on the market for $899,000, and is located right on the waterfront along 31st Ave South.

The unique listing was splashed across TikTok and Instagram by user Zillow Gone Wild, after they spied the house on the website.

They shared a selection of glossy interior shots, showing a large dining area, French doors which lead out to the pool, and the kitchen—which has a massive tree in the middle of the room.

The listing indicates the house was built in 1953, although Gulfport Realty claimed the tree—a live oak—is at least 100 years old.

The sizable trunk extends all the way up to the ceiling, appearing to go through to the second floor. Stacey Purcell, from Gulfport Realty, confirmed the house was built around the tree.

Purcell told Newsweek: "The room of the house was built around the tree. It only goes through the first floor as this is an addition. It may have been an enclosed porch. It does not get watered. It gets water from the ground. This is a waterfront home. So the ground stays pretty saturated.

"The response has been interesting. Mostly folks are just curious, with the occasional snarky comment. The kitchen is fully functional and a great entertaining space."

Photo of tree inside a Florida home.
A photo of tree inside a Florida home. The house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a fully-equipped kitchen-with a tree. Gulfport Realty

Bizarrely, the description doesn't mention the giant tree in the kitchen, saying: "Don't miss your chance! Great opportunity for an investor or buyer looking to put their own finishing touches on a rare waterfront home! This unique property located on Boca Ciega Bay. Where you can watch the sunrise over the water from your backyard. Private suite on the second floor (1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom) with its own balcony and electric meter, also overlooks the pool with a beautiful waterfront view.

"Enjoy restaurants, beaches, and parks in downtown Gulfport, which is just a few blocks away. Walk to Shopping, Dining, Nightlife & Beach in Gulfport Village Arts District & the Marina! Fishing Pier, Dog Park, Volleyball Courts, Tuesday Markets, and more. Come live the 'Saltlife.'"

Samir, who runs the account Zillow Gone Wild, shared a TikTok clip on Friday, saying: "We have this home in Florida, and what is happening in this kitchen. Tree in the kitchen."

He also shared it to Instagram, where thousands of people liked and commented on the photo, with Erin_bex saying: "My dogs would forever pee on that tree. No. No."

Photo of tree inside a Florida home.
A photo of the tree inside a Florida home. The home is currently on the market for $899,999, and comes with a tree in the kitchen. Gulfport Realty

Amy_sunshine_rainbows asked: "Where's the top of the tree? What room does it go through on the second floor? I need more info/pics."

Nicollettegivers joked: "It's the gravel around the trunk for me."

Michelleraiser3 pointed out: "Well, they are cutting out the middle man and not waiting for a hurricane to put a tree through their home."

While Conk9 added: "Realtor description: "Thoughtful kitchen layout rooted in convenience."

Newsweek reached out to Gulfport Realty for comment.

Update 7/07/21, 12:22 p.m. ET: This article was updated with photos from Gulfport Realty. Update 8/07/21, 5:04 a.m. ET: This article was updated with quotes from Gulfport Realty

Google image of Florida house for sale.
Google image view of a Florida house up for sale. The four-bed, three-bath home is on the market for $899,999, and has a tree growing out the kitchen. Google Images