House Transformed Into Incredible Spooky Pirate Shipwreck for Halloween

A house in Utah has undergone a ghoulish transformation to mark Halloween.

The impressive decorations first came to light thanks to a TikTok video posted online by one of their neighbors, Vivi McCoy, under the handle vivimmcoy_.

In the clip, fans are given a glimpse of the spectacular setup, which appears to have been inspired, in part, by the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Two giant skeletons and a full-size, upright coffin are visible on the front lawn, yet the main draw is the stunningly realized pirate shipwreck which can be seen protruding from the front of the property.

A skull and crossbones flag adorns the wreckage while several skulls, a pentagram and a few other similarly spooky decorations can be seen on the clip.

The video, which was posted with the caption "When your neighbors are so cool" has been watched more than 21.6 million times on TikTok.

It can be viewed here.

In a follow-up video, McCoy gave fans an even closer look at the decorations and how the entrance to the house has been incorporated into the shipwreck itself.

A closer look inside reveals a miniature coffin positioned next to the front door, while the garden is shown to be full of makeshift crucifixes and gravestones.

That clip can be watched here.

Commenting on the clips fans were (for the most part at least) impressed.

PeterGdaRaffe said: "That has gotta be the coolest Halloween house I've seen so far" while Jackie said she would "move" because she "couldn't compete with that."

There were naysayers of course, with mellynellie3 warning that the couple were "inviting Hell into their home" with their choice of decorations. Robins_tightbuns agreed that by putting up a pentagram they were "literally inviting Satan into their home."

Spiderodoom was among those to reject the criticism of their choice of decoration though, writing that anyone who was scared of a pentagram were "the softest people and the weakest links in society."

In a further twist, McCoy's viral video soon caught the attention of the homeowner themselves who decided to create a series of clips offering more insight into the work that went into the Halloween decor.

Posting under the handle makeupandmystics, the self-confessed Halloween enthusiast offered fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her and her husband's efforts and answered several questions.

She told fans that despite the impressive and vividly realised design of the decorations, the whole thing was relatively cheap.

"We didn't spend a lot of money," she explained on one video.

"My husband repurposes wood that would have gone into landfill that was trash, garbage, people were throwing it out."

She said that they never spend much on their Halloween designs.

"A lot of the stuff we find and repurpose," she said.

"In fact for one of our very first Halloweens he found meat cages that were left in a field and he drug it up out of the field and we used it for our Halloween decoration."

Newsweek has contact McCoy and makeupandmystics for comment.

While these Halloween decorations are certainly the most impressive so far this year, they are not the most controversial.

That honor may go to a woman who decided to adorn the outside of her house with mock skeletons holding up slogans associated with the anti-vaccination movement.

Alternatively, there is another house in Michigan which has been done up to recreate the triple homicide that occurred there 20 years ago.

A mock skeleton pirate.
Stock image of a mock pirate skeleton - a home in Utah has been transformed into ghost pirate shipwreck for Halloween. Susan Vineyard/Getty