Woman's Halloween Decorations Mocking Anti-Vaccination Movement Go Viral

A woman has got herself into the Halloween spirit on social media with a set of decorations poking fun at the anti-vaccination movement.

Linda McAfee posted a video of her ghoulish efforts to TikTok under the handle ?@lindamcafee3, where her horrifying handiwork soon began garnering lots of attention.

At the time of writing, the clip, which you can watch here, has been viewed more than 2.6 million times.

The video sees her pan across a set of plastic skeletons set up outside her home. Each one comes with a sign indicating that the skeletal remains presented once belonged to someone opposed to the idea of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

One skeleton, sitting upright, is accompanied by a placard that reads "I refuse to live afraid," which is written alongside a flower and a peace sign.

The next appears in the form of a set of arms and legs, along with a skull, protruding from the ground along with a sign that reads "I don't know what's in it" next to a picture of a syringe.

Another similarly posed plastic skeleton alongside it comes complete with a sign reading: "Personal freedum," which is deliberately misspelled and also features a U.S. flag.

The next, which is distinguishable by the fact the legs are crossed, comes with a placard emblazoned with the message "Bathed in blood"—an apparent reference to those opposed to vaccination on religious grounds, as the accompanying image of a Bible and communion cup suggest.

Next comes a skeleton standing next to a sign reading: "Government conspiracy," while the final skeleton comes complete with a sign explaining "I did my own research."

While the decorations stop short of directly suggesting any of these entirely fictional folk perished as a result of their vaccine beliefs, the inference is clear.

McAfee posted the video without comment alongside the hashtags "#halloween #toomuch? #andnowwewait."

Her humorous efforts were welcome by some on TikTok, with Tina Ditter among those to get in the spirit of things, suggesting McAfee add "a horse skeleton with a sign: 'I couldn't get Ivermectin."

"Thank you for the idea," peace&love commented, "May I swipe it?" AngieBB agreed: "I'm copying this. Sorry not sorry."

"They ae humerus," Lauren Elizabeth joked while User2339988676972 even suggested one small adjustment: "Best decorations ever! Put an orange wig on one."

Some were less keen on the idea though, with Tar branding it "Too much man."

"You should also have skeletons in the ground saying 'I took the shot' cause ⅔ patients in the hospital are vaccinated." McAfee was unmoved by the claims, arguing that "the CDC says 7% and urging the users to "check their numbers."

Jane217 commented: "Halloween is for fun not for politics" to which McAfee replied: "I had fun." KitKatBug meanwhile felt that alluding to the deaths of those opposed to vaccines was in poor taste, writing: "Guys, these were still lives lost."

"People's families. Real pain. Their pain is sacred too, let's be empathetic and respectful."

McAfee also took to the video's comments section to ward off those offended by the video of her decorations. "Antivaxxers please scroll on," she said. "I'm getting tired of blocking people. Go back to Facebook and fight there."

Newsweek has contacted McAfee for comment.

The issue of vaccinations remains a hot topic in the U.S. with Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera the latest big name to speak up on the topic.

McAfee's video went viral just days after figures showed an alarming rise in the number of unvaccinated expectant mothers hospitalized with COVID-19.

The increase comes despite the CDC last month urging all pregnant people to get vaccinated.

A Halloween skeleton on a doorstep.
Stock photo of Halloween decorations - a woman on TikTok has gone viral after showcasing a set of adornments poking fun at those opposed to Covid vaccines. BackyardProduction/Getty