Hulu Apologizes for Promoting Documentary After Breonna Taylor Decision

Hulu has apologized for promoting its Breonna Taylor documentary just moments after the grand jury decision in which nobody was charged for causing Taylor's death.

The streaming network faced a backlash on Twitter after tweeting about the documentary, The New York Times Presents: The Killing of Breonna Taylor, as the U.S. reacted to the court's decision to not charge the officers involved in Taylor's shooting.

But late on Wednesday night, Hulu deleted and apologized for promoting the documentary: "Earlier today, we promoted content that we felt would be meaningful in light of today's events. That was, quite simply, the wrong call.

"We've taken the posts down and are deeply sorry. Thank you for holding us accountable—we will learn from this."

While the documentary has been praised for telling the story of what happened on March 13, Hulu had been accused of using the grand jury's decision—which has angered many people and sparked fresh protests in Louisville—to promote their streaming service rather than doing something meaningful to bring justice for Taylor.

Some also feel uneasy about Hulu making money from Taylor's death while nobody has been charged or held accountable.

A Twitter user said: "The fact that this Breonna Taylor documentary is sitting here on the homepage of Hulu meanwhile her killers are free... it's enraging. People are just making money off of her death."

On Wednesday, Jefferson County grand jury indicted former officer Brett Hankison for wanton endangerment in the first degree for bullets that went into other apartments, but there were no charges brought directly related to Breonna Taylor's death.

Additionally, he was the only one of the three LMPD officers involved that was fired, and the only criminally implicated for his role in the events surrounding Taylor's death.

Last week, the city of Louisville agreed to a $12 million settlement with Taylor's family, the largest paid by the city for a police misconduct case.

The grand jury's decision has sparked a fresh wave of protests leading to arrests and a county-wide curfew from yesterday for 72 hours, from 9 p.m. to 6.30 a.m. local time.

Hundreds of protests gathered across the street from the Hall of Justice at Jefferson Square Park, and despite a largely peaceful protest, it was reported that alleged protestors started a fire. Two LMPD officers have been shot though it is unclear if they were shot amid the protests.

Breonna Taylor
Community members gathered for a Stand 4 Breonna event to demand justice for Breonna Taylor on September 19, 2020, in Austin, Texas. Hulu has apologized for promoting its documentary on Breonna Taylor following the grand jury verdict in which nobody was charged with Taylor's death. Montinique Monroe/Getty