Video Shows Hurricane Ida Ripping Roof From House in Louisiana

A Louisiana woman has shared a video chronicling just one example of the devastating impact of Hurricane Ida on residents throughout the county.

The video was uploaded to Facebook and TikTok by Whanita Lynn.

In the short clip, Lynn shows viewers the destruction wreaked on her father's home by the Category 4 hurricane. A large section of the building's roof has been ripped away, leaving the structure exposed to dangerous winds and other elements.

Lynn can be heard screaming at the start of the video, before she launches into an explanation as to what has just unfolded. "Oh my God, look at this y'all," she says on the video. "We just lost our roof! Let's get away, come on!"

Tiling can be seen strewn across the exposed area, which once served as a kitchen, while a wooden board, some insulation and an electrical wire are visible dangling precariously from around the space where the roof once was.

"Prayers for my Dad and family on the bayou," the caption accompanying Lynn's TikTok post, which can be watched here, reads. According to the Facebook version of her clip, which has been shared over 1,200 times, the footage was filmed at her father's home at Larose in the Lafourche Parish of Louisiana.

Lynn has provided no further update on the situation or the well-being of her family, returning to social media just once to write: "I don't know how I'm supposed to get any sleep. My nerves are freakin' shot."

Newsweek has reached out to her for further comment on the situation.

Her story is like that of many others across the state as Hurricane Ida continues on its destructive journey across Louisiana.

The roofs were ripped off of several buildings around Port Fourchon, while footage has also emerged of similar incidents taking place at several hospitals around New Orleans.


Prayers for my Dad and family on the bayou! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻#hurricaneida

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Over a million people have been left without power while there were similar blackouts in New Orleans after a transmission tower collapsed into the Mississippi River.

It has also been confirmed that at least one person has died with Deputies at the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office confirming one death following an incident involving a fallen tree at a home in Prairieville outside Baton Rouge.

As of this morning, the National Hurricane Center had downgraded Ida to a tropical storm.

Despite this, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has urged the public to "remain where you are" citing the hazards that exist across the state following the damage done by the hurricane.

As the sun comes out this morning, please remain where you are. #Ida has left many hazards across Louisiana including flooded roadways, debris & downed powerlines. Follow the instructions of local officials & continue to be safe. #lagov #HurricaneIda

— John Bel Edwards (@LouisianaGov) August 30, 2021
The damage done by Hurricane Ida.
A Louisiana woman has shared a video capturing the damage done to her father's home by Hurricane Ida. Whanita Lynn/Whanita.Lynn/TikTok