Husband Raging at Partner for Saving More Money Each Month Blasted

A woman on Mumsnet has asked for support for a difficult situation involving her husband and their finances.

In a post on the popular discussion site, user ExCoffeeAddict describes how she has been with her husband for 14 years, and married for 10 with one child. She explains: "Until around six months ago all money went into one pot where all bills and spendings came from and we set money aside for savings. But I never seemed to have any money doing this.

"I felt like I had no control over what I could buy myself because I never really knew if something was pending payment or there was an unexpected bill etc whereas H was able to blow £££ on nights out golf trips etc so I had enough and we agreed to split our money so now we pay x amount into a joking account for bills the rest is our own."

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Personal finance. Stock Image. A woman has been supported online after her "angry" husband accuses her of not pulling her weight financially. Getty Images

A survey from earlier in the year of nearly 4,000 British women by Netwealth found that two fifths of women aged 16-34 believe that they contribute equally to household wealth, and would therefore be taking larger steps to protect their payments.

A study from Stockholm University found that couples who share finances have stronger and more stable relationships, with better communication. However, these findings mainly focused on older couples that had been together a long time.

Comparatively, Netwealth discovered a disparity between older and younger women, with one in three women aged 16-34 not sharing any financial assets with their partners, compared to 26 percent of women aged 55 and over.

In the post, the user goes on to explain how her husband now puts a little more money into the pot each month than herself, so theoretically should have a little more at the end of the month.

She described how with two weeks left to payday, her husband has now run out of money, and has accused her of not contributing enough, despite her assurance that "over the last two months I have paid out £1,200 towards holiday costs." She said she feels he is trying to control her and was "really really angry."

According to the U.K.'s Office of National Statistics, in 2020, there were 1,154 divorces among same sex couples, up 40.4 percent from 2019, while a study by family advice lawyers Slater and Gordon found that 12 percent of people who got divorced in 2018 cited financial issues with a spouse.

On Mumsnet, the majority of readers believe that ExCoffeeAddict is not being unreasonable, with one user advising: "I think you need to open your own a/c, OP, and start squirreling some cash away. It sounds like you might need it..."

Another user agreed, writing: "So he used to spend all your earnings on himself and is now disgruntled that you would like some of it? He sounds financially abusive tbh, alongside being utterly crap with organizing money."

Newsweek was not able to verify the details of the case.

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