Husband's 'Lazy and Thoughtless' Mother's Day Gift Sparks Fury Online

Mother's Day is supposed to be a time to celebrate the important women in our lives. However, for one heavily pregnant mom who already has a toddler to contend with, it ended up being a day to remember for all the wrong reasons.

Gift giving matters, particularly in relationships. In fact, it can sometimes be make or break.

A study conducted by Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada, concluded that bad gifts can "negatively impact" the recipient's view on the future of their relationship.

"Choosing the wrong gift can be kind of risky for relationships because it says you don't have anything in common," Dunn explained to the BBC in 2019.

One mom, days away from giving birth to her second child, may be contemplating the future of her own marriage after detailing how her husband made "zero effort" on Mother's Day, which falls on March 27 in the U.K.

According to a post shared to Mumsnet by the disgruntled spouse, her partner's lack of effort came despite her asking him to book "something nice like a lunch" or anything "that isn't exhausting at this stage of pregnancy."

Instead, she said his efforts amounted to gifting her "a watering can, which has been sat in the car boot for a month" and "an empty picture frame."

"No flowers, no breakfast, no cup of tea, no taking the toddler so I can have a lie in," she lamented in the post.

The woman said she has been "quite unwell" and is "uncomfortable and overdue" but her husband reasoned that he could not book anything for them to do "in case the baby comes."

That line didn't wash one bit with her though. "I wasn't aware this stopped him from at least bringing me a cup of tea or saying 'Happy Mother's Day,'" she wrote.

The situation was made worse by the fact she said she has "always made such a big deal for Father's Day" and she currently feels "miserable and huge."

Although he has since apologized for the lack of thought, the woman said she has been left feeling "overlooked" by his actions, especially as motherhood has been "such a struggle recently" and she needed cheering up.

Though the woman wondered whether she might be being "pathetic" in getting upset at her husband's actions, or lack of, many on social media felt she was right to feel aggrieved.

"I don't think you are pathetic," ElliotGoss wrote. "I would have been upset too. If the baby did come you would have had enough warning for someone to cancel the lunch plans surely?"

Prinny commented: "He's been lazy and thoughtless and I'd be p****d off too," while Internetpersonme said: "I would be re-gifting that watering can on Father's Day."

Oldh responded: "He needs to be nice to you, and look after you. But not because it's mother's day, but because you are overdue," with NotQuiteWhatIMeant stating that the husband "sounds thoroughly thoughtless."

Unsureaboutit9 did offer some defense of his actions, writing: "I can understand not booking that. Frankly, a meal in a busy restaurant on Mother's Day while unwell, with a toddler and 10 days overdue sounds miserable."

However, the majority were thoroughly unimpressed, with Flickflak urging the woman to make sure she gives the "same treatment right back" on Father's Day.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

A woman looking disappointed at a box.
Stock image of a woman looking inside a box - a heavily pregnant woman has spoken out after her husband gifted her a watering can for Mother's Day. Vadym Pastukh/Getty

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