Woman's 'Vindictive' Wedding Gift Divides Internet—'It Did Make Me Laugh'

A newly married woman received a shock when opening a wedding present from one of her closest friends and it has left both her, and the internet, feeling seriously conflicted.

Wedding gifts are supposed to serve as a thank you and token of good luck to the newlywed couple as they embark on their life together. However, one guest instead used their gift to settle a score with the bride.

Writing in a post shared to Mumsnet, the newly married woman explained how her "close friend" handed her an envelope on her big day, containing a card and something else. "Her wedding card included a note that her wedding gift is those concert tickets that I never paid her for," she wrote.

According to the post, "around 8 years ago" they had gone to "one of those 90s band reunion concerts." She explained: "The ticket was around £120 [$160] each and for some reason I never paid her back. I assume I completely forgot but I never paid her."

The bride said she later texted her friend to "apologize for never paying her back" but insisted it was a one-off. "I never not pay for anything, ever," she wrote. "I really can't remember what happened and why I didn't pay her."

Even so, the note left her surprised as her friend had never previously mentioned it.

"Thing is, there have been times that she has owed me things and she never once said 'oh, you still owe me for those tickets so call it even,'" she said.

The tone of the note was also unusual with the bride describing it as "not jokey, and not bitter" but rather "a very simple message saying in lieu of a wedding gift, she was retrospectively gifting me those tickets."

The friend's approach left many on Mumsnet feeling similarly conflicted.

Some felt she chose the wrong time to bring it up. Aprilx felt it was "vindictive" and "certainly not very nice" especially given the amount of time that has passed. "That was you back then," they said. "But this was not the time to bring it up."

Horseradish01 saw it as her being "passive aggressive and petty" on her friend's big day. "Has she been seething for 8 years rather than just asking for the money?" they said. "Then chooses your wedding day to make a point." Litlealligator also felt it was "super rude if she's never actually asked you for the money."

A few, however, felt the woman was justified in taking what was owed to her. Chocomelon wrote: "£120 [$160] is a lot of money to not pay back so I can understand her not wanting to spend more money on a gift (and £120 is a generous gift!) but she could have just asked before."

"I'm guessing there must have been other times in the last 8 years where she mentioned you haven't paid for the tickets," Whinge said. "It's not really the sort of thing you keep quiet about and then decide to mention in a wedding card 8 years later."

Others, meanwhile, applauded the woman for having the nerve to ask for the money back. LH1987 said: "That's really funny. She has obviously been stewing on it for 8 years and took this as her opportunity. I wouldn't do it but it did make me laugh."

TerribleCustomerCervix agreed: "Fair play to your friend for making the point, not enough people have the balls to do that." WulyJmpr also wrote: "Wow. She is clearly of the opinion that revenge is a dish best served extremely cold."

Regardless of whether her "gift" actually constitutes a gift, the bride's close friend was actually rather generous in the grand scheme of things.

According to a study produced by the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker, wedding guests who are close friends of the bride and groom spend an average of $99 on a gift. However, that number rises to $127 if they are family members. Even coworkers and distant acquaintances spend around $50 to $75 on average, according to the research.

In December 2021, a husband earned the ire of the internet after giving his wife's jewelry to his sister as a wedding gift.

Elsewhere, a bride reacted with fury to an "embarrassing" wedding gift, with her visible anger captured in a video that subsequently went viral.

A bride looking at a wedding gift.
Stock image of a bride looking at a wedding gift - a newly-married woman has detailed how one of her close friends ended up getting revenge for a debt unpaid. Zimiri/Getty