Husband Praised for 'Mansplaining' Rent to His Wife Using Monopoly Money

A man has been received mixed opinions online after using Monopoly money to explain rent to his wife, who accused him of "mansplaining."

The husband shared their disagreement to Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, under username Throwawaysplitrent, where he explained he earned more than his wife.

They're both in work and have no children, and due to the fact he had a higher salary—more than double what she earned at one point—he paid the rent.

Talking more about their set-up, he said: "Because it's just us two our household expenses are low and I outearned my wife significantly so I told her she can pick up the tab on eating out and stuff here and there and I'll cover all the rent and household expenses. Hence we never really needed to exchange money."

Unsurprisingly, money can be a thorny issue in marriages, and a source of arguments. Website Money Management broke down how couples can have a healthy relationship with their spending.

It noted: "Ultimately, money is a part of life, but it's not everything. Shared goals, common values, and open dialogue will help you and your spouse create a happy and wealthy life together."

It suggested couples should manage their finances by tracking their spending, establishing rules and crucially, by setting up at least one joint account.

Having Regular Conversations

It also urged everyone to recognize people have different strengths and weakness when it comes to money, and said that regular conversations about the topic are key to staying on track.

The husband went on to say that after she got a better paying job that they decided to move to a more expensive apartment, and so they decided she would start paying some rent.

"I asked her if she would be willing to split rent and household expenses 2:1 with me. She said sure. We signed a 12-month lease and I told her I'll pay rent for 2 months and she'll pay every 3rd month and that'll be a 2:1 split," he said.

But he added that this was where the miscommunication started, as he wrote: "That's where the trouble began. She wants to transfer 1/3 rent every month to me. I don't have a problem with this in principle but I wanted to know why she'd want to do a transfer every month when it was just simpler for her to pay every 3 months. That's 4 payments instead of 12."

Still not understanding one another, the man decided to resort to toy cash to get his point across.

He continued: "She told me—and I'm still in disbelief—that she'd pay more that way because she'd be paying the full rent. I told her no because she's paying it every 3 months. She simply did not believe me. I asked her if her account would overdraft or some other balance issue what would make her pay fees.

"She said no. So I grabbed Monopoly money and said 'Our rent is $3, I will pay $2 every month from my stack and you pay $1. Then I will pay for 2 months total and you pay for 1 month. We'll count how much we each paid in the end.' FINALLY SHE UNDERSTOOD."

"And then she got mad at me for "mansplaining" basic math to her with Monopoly money. I nearly choked and told her explaining third grade math to an adult is not mansplaining, it's a failure of our educational system."

In the comments he clarified: "I did not go straight for Monopoly. I tried to explain it to her verbally a few times. 'We have 12 full payments. If you pay 1/3 of each payment, it's the same as 4 full payments.' She didn't get it."

The post has amassed more than 12,000 upvotes since being shared on Sunday, and can be read here, as people weighed in on his method.

While he received a bit of a backlash for resorting to the fake money, he was officially voted not the a**hole of the situation.

And then she got mad at me for "mansplaining" basic math to her with monopoly money."

Although Wooster182 thought: "The 'FINALLY SHE UNDERSTOOD' leads me to believe that he may have acted surprised or frustrated that he had to explain it to her. And that's where he's the AH."

Brandyanddeath reckoned: "NTA I guess, but why was this a hill to die on? Just let her pay the rent however she pays it, you know the math works out the same in the end so it's neither here nor there. This was a pointless argument."

Suzdg said: "Agreed. NTA for content but likely for delivery. Also this all sound a lot more like a roommate situation than a marriage."

Sufficient_Ad_6051 commented: "Did you really need to grab Monopoly money tho? Isn't that, in and of itself, condescending? You're kind of the asshole. And I think you know it."

And explaining what his wife could have meant, Kraftypsy said: "This is exactly what I thought when I read that. The payments each month are cheaper vs the one payment every 3rd month. Instead of clarifying, he treated her like she had the intelligence of a walnut."

Bella_Lunatic thought: "While yours is technically accurate, hers is way easier to budget consistently. You're being condescending."

While Queen_Sized_Beauty added: "Well, no. Obviously it isn't cheaper overall, but it IS cheaper per month—if she's not saving 1/3 of her portion each month, it all comes out of one pay period. Which could be where she was coming from."

Newsweek reached out to Throwawaysplitrent for comment.

File photo of Monopoly money.
File photo of Monopoly money. A man has been criticized for using Monopoly money to explain finances to his wife. Oli Scarff/Getty Images