Bride's Reaction to Groom Getting Makeup Done Goes Viral With 2.3M Views

A viral video showing an Indian bride reacting to a groom getting his makeup done has been viewed 2.3 million times since it was uploaded.

The viral clip showed an excited groom sitting in a chair as he got his makeup done while his bride-to-be was getting prepared for the big day.

As the video continues, the bride pleads with the groom to let her get ready but throughout the clip he refuses to budge and lets the makeup artist carry on with her work.

According to India Today, when asked to let the bride get ready the groom replied: "When girls can do makeup, why can't boys do so as well."

The bride, still preparing to get ready, then answered: "Only you will get ready. Should I come out looking like this?"

Instagram user glambykriti, who shared multiple videos of women, including brides-to-be, getting their makeup done uploaded the clip on September 21.

As of Saturday the clip has been viewed more than 2.3 million times and has been liked on more than 112,450 occasions.

It is the latest wedding-related video to go viral on social media with hundreds of thousands of views or more since it was uploaded.

Earlier this month, one woman took to social media to share the cake design for her upcoming wedding and then compared it to the lackluster product she received.

The clip left viewers stunned when the clip cut from an image of a professionally-styled wedding cake that featured three tiers that had been simply frosted with white flowers to what the bride-to-be actually received.

To the TikToker's disappointment, the actual cake looked unstable and its decoration was messy and viewers also seemed unimpressed.

It went on to be viewed more than 230,000 times and racked up tens of thousands of likes since it was posted.

Another more light-hearted video went on to be watched more than 2.9 million times and left viewers shocked by a couple's antics.

A wedding couple made it a day to remember when they appeared at the party hand in hand and made their way to the dance floor.

Cheered on by guests, the couple started to dance on the white tiles in the center of the marquee where they were seen by everyone.

But, as they made their way to the small dance stage, the woman jumped on the man's back, which caused him to lose balance.

Seconds later, the man fell off the stage and onto the ground - drawing gasps from the crowd.

Luckily, the woman quickly got back to her feet and started dancing again. The man took a little bit longer, but he appeared just as enthusiastic to get back to dancing.

the groom got his makeup done
The groom got his makeup done much to his bride-to-be's despair. Instagram/ glambykriti