'Influencer' Throws out $1K in Products, Starts Debate After Neighbors Share Viral Video

A TikTok has gone viral after a group of roommates' "influencer neighbor" threw away a "giant box" of unused makeup and skincare products. The roommates then "snuck the box" into their New York City apartment. They ended up scoring over $1,000 in products, which has sparked a debate online.

TikToker @bysham, whose name is Sham, shared the post along with the song Material Girl by Saucy Santana in the background. It started with the words displayed and read on the screen: "Our influencer neighbor threw out a giant box of unused skincare and makeup."

The video showed a few women surrounding skincare and makeup products on the ground. The video continued showing more products. "So we snuck the box into our apartment," the words are said onscreen and aloud.

Numerous bottles and containers of products could be seen in the video showing the full haul. "There was so much new product in there," the post continued, panning to show everything, which included slippers and full-sized products.

The TikToker explained, "So I decided to price it all," with the words appearing on the screen as well with a whiteboard titled "Trash haul 2022." Next, we see the TikToker doing some calculations on her phone in front of the whiteboard.

"There were hair products, accessories, and a Kiehl's advent calendar too," the screen read. They got to work putting the price of the products on the board as well as in some cases the value of the products too.

Cosmetic bottles and containers
A TikTok has gone viral after an "influencer" threw out products that their neighbors then scored worth over $1K. Here, cosmetic bottles and containers can be seen. MYKOLA SOSIUKIN/GETTY

The calculations and looking up of the products continued. Next, a few products are shown, including a Diptyque candle.

The board was almost completely filled up, the TikToker is seen totaling everything up. "The total came out to $1,248," the screen said, and she also held up the phone showing the total.

They even calculated for 8.25 percent sales tax, making the total $1,350 shown on the board before the 44-second video cut off.

According to Glassdoor, the average influencer makes $79,751 a year in the United States. However, their income can vary from $39,000 to $164,000 as of 2022.

The video has been viewed 153,000 times so far with 29,000 likes. It has sparked a debate among viewers as well.

One TikToker called the situation "wasteful," adding, "Thank goodness you found it. If they didn't want it, they could have given it away."

Another viewer wondered why companies give away products to influencers "who don't care about or have no need."

Some brought up shelter donations. "Wow, they could have donated those to shelters," another viewer expressed.

A TikTok user thought this situation "is why influencers should have to pay for the things they review or promote."

One viewer brought up their own point. "Free skincare for the next three years lmao," they said.

Another had advice for the roommates who scored big. "Ask her if you can have stuff she doesn't want," they suggested. "Maybe write a note and put it under her door."

Others had comments like, "Y'all are so lucky Omg," and "Just tell them to give them to you."

While one TikToker thought this is their "sign to become an influencer."