Instacart Driver Saves Elderly Man's Life After Sensing Something Was Wrong

An Instacart driver is being praised after posting a teary TikTok recounting how she sensed something was wrong when she delivered groceries to an elderly man's home and acted on her instincts.

Jessica Higgs, or @jessicahiggs3 on TikTok, uploaded the video on Tuesday which has already received more than 14.1 million views and 157,000 comments praising her as a "hero."

While Higgs downplayed her actions, she joined a shortlist of workers who have recently gone above and beyond for their customers. In Texas, an Uber Eats driver went viral after leaving a handwritten card and poem with the delivery. In Virginia, an Uber driver was praised after he ensured his teen passenger got home after the car was stuck on the highway during a blizzard.

In the video, a teary Higgs sat in her car and explained that a daughter ordered groceries for her elderly father who was unable to go to the store himself.

She said when she arrived at his house, she immediately sensed something was off. As an Instacart employee, you are not allowed to enter a customer's place of residence.

Higgs stated she planned on leaving the bags of groceries on the man's porch but had a gut feeling that she needed to make sure everything was okay inside.

After helping the man by setting the groceries in his kitchen, she said she felt the need to contact the man's daughter about his condition.

"You're just supposed to take a picture and leave and I could not just leave," Higgs said in the video. "I go to message the lady because I was very concerned for her dad that he just looked sick and I didn't know what to do."

She explained to the daughter that her father was not doing well and that he looked sick. She also mentioned that there was a propane tank in the living room and that she personally began to feel dizzy after being in the home for only a few minutes.

Propane tanks, or cylinders, are typically used for heaters as well as grills. As far as storing the tanks, Amerigas suggests choosing a spot far away from the home.

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Higgs told the man's daughter she thought there could potentially be a gas leak and the woman said she would send her son over to check it out.

In the video, Higgs began to cry even harder as she tried to finish the story. She explained that she woke up the next morning to see that the woman changed the tip from $14 to $100. She also left a message that hit home for Higgs.

"Once my son went to check on my dad it turned out it definitely was leaking," the note read. "You definitely saved my dad and my younger son's life."

After wiping her tears, Higgs said that although she's "just an Instacart worker" she remembered that if you see something you should say something, and she did.

"I'm so happy I did and I'm so happy that he can live a better life," she said.

More than 150,000 viewers commented on Higgs' video to tell her how much of a hero she was.

"Please don't say you are 'just an instacart worker' that makes it sound like your job isn't important," one user commented. "You are important. And you are amazing."

"You're not just an Instacart worker, you're a HERO!" another wrote.

"You are a light in this world," one comment read. "You did the right thing, always trust your instincts, you're a hero Jess!"

Newsweek reached out to Jessica Higgs for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

Woman carrying groceries
An Instacart driver used her intuition and saved an elderly man's life after she noticed a gas leak in his home. Jupiterimages/iStock