How to Get Instagram Top 9 2021: Where to Find Your Best Performing Posts of the Year

The Instagram Top 9 app creates a collage of your best posts from the last twelve months and then allows you to share this on your feed.

To clarify, the Instagram Top 9 app is a piece of third-party software and is not affiliated with Meta's social media platform in any way. For an official roundup, you can use the newly debuted Playback feature, but this will only let you create a video montage based on archived stories.

If you want a more all-encompassing recap of your most liked and commented-on posts, then you will need to use either Instagram Top 9 or the similar Best Nine website. To reiterate, these are third-party applications, but they are entirely safe to use and have been around for many years now.

The following guide will explain precisely how to use the Instagram Top 9 feature and find your best performing posts of the year.

How Does Instagram Top 9 Work?

Instagram Top 9 takes your best posts of the year (the metric for this being how much engagement they have got from other users) and consolidates them into one photo that you can easily share on your social media feeds.

According to a FAQ section on the website, the algorithm selects your photos by looking at things like the number of comments and likes. For it to be able to work, you will need to link it up with your Instagram account and log in so that you can provide the app with read-only access to see your posts. You also need to have posted nine or more photos in 2021.

If you are worried about the cyber security implications of this, rest assured that it is safe, but you can find more information about this in the blog post here.

How To Get Your Instagram Top 9 in 2021

In previous years you were able to get your Instagram Top 9 by just heading to the relevant website, but if you try to do that now download it will just direct you to install a separate app onto your phone (using the corresponding Apple or Android storefronts).

While you can download the app now, its functionality is not yet live. Instead, you will have to wait until closer to New Year's Eve for it to become operational. There are a lot of Top 9 imitators out there so, to make sure you get the right, trustworthy one by looking out for the logo below.

Instagram Top 9 Logo
Image shows the Instagram Top 9 logo. There are many copycats out there, but if you look for this logo then you will be downloading a trusted app. Top Nine

Once the feature is ready (around New Year's Eve) all you will need to do is open the app, type in your Instagram handle, and then provide your email address.

The algorithm will then do its thing and send the Top 9 collage attachment through to your inbox. From there, all you need to do is download the photo itself and then you can post it on Instagram.

Newsweek has contacted the developers of the Top 9 app to ask when the 2021 feature will be ready. At the time of publishing, there has been no response.

Alternatively, you can use the Best Nine website, which does the exact same thing but gives you a little more freedom in terms of how you customize the collage layout. Plus, you can use this one without having to download the app, as you just need to do is follow the instructions that appear on screen here.