Internet Backs 'Irresponsible' Woman for Dropping off Stepson at Wedding

The internet is on the side with a woman who dropped off her stepson with his father at a "no kids" wedding because she had to work.

Posted to Reddit's infamous "AmITheA**hole" forum, a woman who uses the name u/Ithrowaway67A, posed the question "AITA for driving my stepson to my husband's friend's wedding after he expected me to stay home and watch him?" The viral post has over 5,000 upvotes and 700 comments.

The Redditor explains that her husband's friend is getting married and that his wedding has a "no kids" rule. He insisted on having his wife watch him as she could take off work for it. She told him she couldn't and he would have to get a babysitter. Her husband doesn't like to hire babysitters due to his stepson causing trouble. After he begged her, she didn't budge, and he told her he would "figure something out."

According to Kidsit, there are plenty of options when looking for childcare, other than a babysitter. Some alternatives are family members, friends, places of worship or even seeing if your gym has childcare options.

"The day of the wedding I discovered that he left my stepson home, I called his phone and he answered telling me to miss work and just stay with my stepson, I said no and he needed to deal with the situation he caused. He said no I threatened to drop his son off at the wedding and he told me to suck it up," she wrote.

She got ready for work and drove her stepson to the wedding. After noticing that they were there, her husband snapped at her as she told him that he should have thought of another idea. After returning home, the argument started up again as she told her husband that she felt "helpless and pushed."

"He said that he couldn't believe I was willing to dish my stepson and said that I'm not stepmom material and have no sense of responsibilty whatsoever. We haven't been on good terms since then and he keeps on blaming me he had to leave the wedding and go home with his son," she concluded her post.

Husband and wife arguing
In a new viral post published to Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum, a woman asked the community if they think she's the a**hole for dropping stepson off with husband at a "no kids" wedding. nd3000/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Redditors were quick to defend the OP (original poster),

"Oh, wow. NTA," u/lizzybell2019 wrote in the top comment with 10,000 upvotes, "You know this isn't going to work out, right? He blamed you for what he did. He ditched his son without having a plan in place for somebody to watch him.You weren't going to the wedding because you had to work."

They continued: "If you had been able to take off work, you would have gone to the wedding and he would have needed to find someone to watch HIS son. I'm assuming you married him to be his wife, not to be his son's stepmom. I would leave and tell him to suck it up."

U/Timely_Excuse2194 said, "He just sneaky ditched his child with someone assuming they'd skip work and you're the irresponsible person? Are you kidding me? Do not get pregnant. This is what he thinks women are for when there are kids around."

"He had fully planned to go and saddle you with the responsibility regardless of your wishes. It's unfortunate for him that he didn't listen to you telling him the consequences of this child and he didn't believe you'd follow through," u/No-Policy-4095 explained in part.