Internet Backs Mom After Mother-in-Law, Husband Veto Her Favorite Baby Name

A pregnant woman was fuming after her mother-in-law essentially vetoed her favorite baby name.

The unnamed woman posted her dilemma to Mumsnet under username Justheretoaskaquestion91, revealing she was expecting another boy.

Since sharing the delicate situation on Thursday, she'd received more than 300 responses, and people shared their advice.

Explaining the backstory, the mom-to-be claimed while her relationship with her husband's mom was previously rocky, they were at "an all time high," until the subject of the name cropped up.

Posting her dilemma on the site, she said: "I'm pregnant with #3. Have used all the baby names we like up for boys on the first 2 (typically [emoji]). There is one name I absolutely adore but it's the name of DH's uncle.

"MIL does not speak to her brother (or any of that side of the family) and has said we can't use it as it would make her uncomfortable. There is another name with the same nickname we can use but it's nowhere near as nice. To be clear; her brother has not done anything wrong/I've met him he's a nice man.

"And the family haven't done anything "wrong" it's very much a tit for tat situation and a mixture of difficult characters and no one willing to move forward."

The mom-of-two added: "I don't want to be a d*** and I don't want to wage some sort of war over this but equally I feel a bit pissed off as the baby will be known by a nickname anyway this is just for a beautiful formal name, and does she really have the right to do this?! I wouldn't mind as much if she had always been loving and supportive."

She later clarified the name she had her heart set on—which also belonged to the uncle—was Raphael.

"Second choice name is Rafferty (which DH thinks is silly). Uncle pronounces it "Rafe-el" and we would pronounce it "Raff-aye-el" so I actually think of it as a pretty different name but never mind! Rafferty it is—DH will have to suck it up and he will be Rafe or Raffi anyway so," she added.

While she clarified: "We can't do Rafe because our surname begins with an F and the two together do NOT sound good (total mouthful.)

"I did suggest Ralph but DH said it would remind him of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons..."

Her husband suggested "Caleb," but she wasn't on board. And after settling for the alternate options, she changed her mind again after realizing "DS2's name ends in an "el" eg Daniel. Does that mean it clashes with Raphael?"

As she voiced through her options, numerous people claimed she should stick to her guns, and call her son her initial pick.

Comedycook said: "She's had her turn to name her children. Now it's your turn to name yours. Obviously, she has no say in this."

PinkWednesdays reckoned: "It sounds like sooner or later she will stop talking to you again for a stupid reason. And then you would have given in to her crazy demands for someone who will happily cut you out when it suits her. Ignore her. It's your child."

While Aderyn21 simply said: "I'd use the name I loved."

Although HeddaGarbled thought: "Under these specific circumstances, I would say it was unnecessarily provocative to use her brother's name."

In the end, the mom revealed she was forced to go with another choice for the name, but said "Raphael will be middle name."

While the mom didn't specify where she's based, the website Name Census reveals for 2020, Liam was the most popular boys' name.

This was followed by Noah, Oliver, Elijah, William, James, Benjamin, Lucas, Henry and making up the top ten was Alexander.

The name Raphael was listed as coming in 514th place, Caleb was much popular in 56th position, while Rafferty didn't make the top 1,000.

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A collage of names. A mom-to-be has asked for advice after she revealed her mother-in-law had vetoed her baby name. Getty Images/fotografiche