Internet Praises Mom for Giving Away Son's Bike After 'Cruel' Date Prank

The internet has backed a Redditor's decision to give away her son's bike as punishment after finding out he played a cruel prank on a classmate.

Posted on Thursday on the discussion site Reddit, the post has over 14,000 upvotes. User conflictedMomThA shared the full story: "I recently found out my son "Jacob" (15) pulled an incredibly cruel "prank" on one of the girls I'll call "Ashley" that's in his friend group.

"I know this girl, she's been to our house and even attended Jacob's birthday party a month ago. She seemed incredibly sweet, if not a bit shy. So when my oldest son "Mark" (17) came to me and told me Jacob had asked Ashley out on a date as a prank I was stunned."

After a little digging, conflictedMomThA found that her youngest son had been chatting to his friends as they all mocked the young girl through the heartless prank.

"I was speechless," she said: "I'll admit that I never once imagined either of my boys would be the type of person to do something like that. But there was no way in hell I was letting this go."

Going on to explain further, the poster said that she had recently bought her son a bike for his birthday— but it hadn't arrived until the previous day and she had planned to show it to him. Instead, she showed him that she knew about the cruel "prank" and told him that he was grounded.

"I made him carry the new bike out of my bedroom closet and to the car before driving to Ashley's house, crying the whole way," she said: "I'd called her parents earlier and explained everything. Once we got there I had him cart it to her front porch and ring the bell."

Demanding her son give a sincere apology and gift the new bike to the girl, the mom also apologized to the girl before calling the parents of the other boys involved in the prank to tell them about their involvement.

Despite feeling she had handled the situation as best she could, the poster shared some doubts after her own parents told her she "went too far". The post ended with "AITA here?"—a common phrase used on r/AmITheA**hole to ask "Am I The A**hole?"

A recent study published by Annenberg Brown University reported that one in five U.S. high school students report being bullied each school year, and these students face greater risks of serious mental health challenges that extend into adulthood.

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However, the study also found that both in-person bullying and cyberbullying "decreased dramatically" in the school years affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was consistent with prior evidence that cyberbullying is strongly associated with in-person bullying.

With nearly 2,000 responses, the Redditors have overwhelmingly sided with the mom. One user wrote: "You did the right thing. If there hadn't been consequences that hit where it hurt, he may not have learned how unacceptable that behavior is. That cruelty is sadly common in kids around that age, but this is the absolute right step towards him becoming a good man."

Another user agreed, writing: "As horrible as it is, I would tell that story to him. He needs to know that this is more than silly fun and can scar someone for life or worse. You did good."

Earlier this month, the internet also backed a woman who refused to pay the kids who shoveled her driveway without asking. This week, a man who punished his stepson for asking to be paid for babysitting was slammed by internet users for being "unfair".

Newsweek has reached out to conflictedMomThA for comment.

Child riding bike
File photo of a child on a bicycle. A woman has been praised by the internet for punishing her son by giving away his bike. LeManna/Getty Images