Internet Delights at Dad's Choice of Restaurant for Post-Eye Surgery Lunch

When dining out, it's always important to dress appropriately—and one dad certainly did when he chose to eat at Long John Silver's after his eye surgery.

A photo of the man was posted to the popular subreddit r/funny by u/McWitt on Wednesday. Captioned, "My Dad had eye surgery and my mom asked where he wanted to go for lunch after, so here we are," the post has received nearly 30,000 upvotes in five hours, and over 530 comments.

The post contains no other text—just a picture of the man sporting a post-surgery eyepatch at the thematically appropriate fast-food restaurant.

While it's unclear what specific surgery u/McWitt's dad went through, there are a number of procedures that can be performed as outpatient surgery. Some of the most common of these, according to Banner Health, include cataract surgery, where a doctor replaces a clouded-over lens with an artificial one, or laser surgery like LASIK, where a laser beam trims the patient's cornea to improve vision.

Generally, after eye surgery—and again, it depends on the type of surgery—at least one day off of work is recommended, the Heart of Texas Eye Institute says, and be sure to get some rest. It may be hard to read or see things immediately afterward, but the Heart of Texas says that many cataract patients see better after just 24 hours. Still, during that time, it's best not to drive, do any heavy lifting or rub the eye.

With LASIK surgery, the care is similar, according to Dr. Rex Hamilton, an ophthalmologist in California. Avoid rubbing the eye, and keep the eye moist with eye drops. Again, a few days off from work is recommended while the eye heals—but it's also good to keep the eye closed for at least six hours after the procedure. Avoid screens for the first week, Hamilton recommends.

eye patch surgery long john silvers reddit
A Redditor's dad with an eye patch similar to the one in this stock photo chose a particularly appropriate restaurant to eat lunch after his surgery. iStock/Getty

The man's choice of restaurant delighted Reddit.

"High level dad joke right there," u/weauxbreaux wrote.

"He had the perfect setup and went for it like a pro," u/Panchorc agreed.

Other Redditors suggested different restaurants u/McWitt's dad might have enjoyed.

"Was really hoping popeyes," u/Righteousrob1 wrote.

"no, that's why he needed surgery in the first place," u/Tankh replied.

"Or Arrrrrrrbys," u/DanishWonder suggested.

Others took the opportunity to reminisce about their favorite fast food places.

"My grandmother lived in a small town in NC. She always talked about going to the 'Fish House' for a big Friday night meal. One glorious day I was staying with her and it was a Friday so we were finally going to the Fish House. I grew up in the city, so even as a wee lad I snickered when she turned the car into the LJS parking lot," u/unmotiviatedbacklight wrote. "I need to check to see if it is still there."

"Growing up there were never any nearby, but on vacation we'd find them so I was always excited to go to one. When I moved out and to another city they had one and I loved going for nostalgia. Unfortunately they ended up closing after a few months lol," u/ToxicVampire wrote.

And one shared a story of a similar situation.

"I took my brother to his vasectomy appointment and he passed out when he said the anesthesia needle, so the pulled the plug on the procedure. Took him to a hotdog place down the street afterwards where the owners ripped on him for 20 minutes straight while we ate hotdogs haha. Brother of the year right here," u/canned_soup wrote.

Newsweek reached out to u/McWitt for comment.