Internet Drags Man Who Wouldn't Tie Partner's Shoelaces in Viral Post

A man is being dragged online for not tying his girlfriend's shoelaces while she had a broken hand, and many people believe he's the one in the wrong.

The viral Reddit post, titled, "AITA for not tying my girlfriend's shoelaces," has been upvoted 13,300 times since it was shared on March 13 by u/PerceptionSure4480.

The original poster (OP) claims to be a 24-year-old man with a 24-year-old girlfriend who recently broke her hand. The pair had dinner plans with friends, and the Redditor's girlfriend "insisted on wearing shoes with laces."

The Redditor inquired how she would tie her shoes if they came untied, to which she replied she'd "make" him tie them. However, her boyfriend told her he wouldn't tie them, and he held true to that statement.

When the OP's girlfriend's laces did come untied when they were out to dinner, she "told" the Redditor to tie them according to him.

The OP continued: "I laughed in her face and told her to tie them herself. She stared at me angrily like I did something wrong by refusing to tie her stupid shoelaces that I warned her about. I avoided her for the rest of the night."

On the way home, he noticed her shoes were tied, figuring she "probably made some poor guy tie them for her." He also revealed she slept on the couch and wouldn't talk to him after that.

Woman tying shoes
The Internet is dragging a man who wouldn't tie his partner's shoelaces in a viral Reddit post. Here, a woman tying her shoes. ZBYNEK POSPISIL/GETTY

The National Accident Helpline commissioned a study on people with accidental injuries that weren't their fault. 38 percent of respondents revealed their accident put a strain on their relationships with their partners, children, family, and friends. Almost half of the people with partners said it "caused problems between them."

Despite the man's post, people are fully backing his girlfriend, and the majority believe the OP is the a**hole. "YTA [You're the a**hole]," a user said. "Why are you with someone you clearly don't like or give a s**t about?"

One Redditor pointed out that shoelaces take around five seconds to tie, adding, "Why are you so against helping your girlfriend when her hand is broken?"

Another person agreed the OP is the one at fault, asking him if he really thinks he isn't the a**hole in the situation. "Let's count the ways you suck: 1. Injured girlfriend broke her hand and needed help doing something that now she couldn't, and you refused. 2. You laughed in her face about the aforementioned help. 3. You posted this thinking you were the good guy."

A Redditor brought up the fact that the OP's girlfriend is injured, and he not only refused to tie her shoes but also laughed in her face and avoided her for the rest of the evening.

"If I were her, I'd avoid you for the rest of my life," the user added. "Grow up and avoid relationships until you do."

A Redditor told the OP "great job" for showing his girlfriend he won't be there if it "slightly inconveniences" him. "I hope she finds someone else to do much more for her than just tie her shoes," they wrote. "YTA, how could you not be?"

Another user wondered what reason the OP could have for "flat out refusing to do something as simple as tie her shoelaces when she has a broken hand? Is your back broken or something?"

Newsweek reached out to u/PerceptionSure4480 for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.