Internet Shocked By What Potential Buyers Did to Bath During House Viewing

It's always gross when someone leaves hair in the shower—especially when that person is a stranger.

When TikTok user @fortdefiance put her house on the market, a sneaky shower was probably the last thing she expected from potential buyers. In a clip shared on July 1, the homeowner explained that someone viewing the house had decided to take the tub for a test run.

"Just got back to my house after a showing," she said in the video. "Walk into the bathroom and there's a spot on the floor. i know I just cleaned this. Somebody got in the tub, which I painstakingly scrubbed."

Luckily, she saw the funny side of the situation, bursting into laughter. However, the bathroom wasn't the only room they'd decided to try before buying.

"I'm pretty sure somebody got in my bed," she continued, before pointing to a bench that was also askew. Further exploration showed that the viewers actually tried all three beds, as well as the sofa.

"Hope you guys had fun," she giggled, concluding her video.


I wish we had cameras because I am seriously so curious about what happened in my house during this showing 😂 #realestate #houseshowing

♬ original sound - FortDefiance

Rising mortgage rates and fewer homes for sale mean it's more difficult than ever for low or middle-income earners to buy property in the US. The pandemic has compounded the issue, with remote working causing people to re-evaluate their choice of home and heightening demand.

Still, some experts have predicted a possible housing market crash this summer, brought about by soaring house prices and a mortgage rate of 5 percent. Although there are two-third fewer homes available now than in June 2020, the number of listings is increasing. Nevertheless, the average price for a property in the US is $450,000, 31.4 percent higher than in June 2020 and 16.9 percent higher than the same time last year.

TikTok users were appalled by the guests' disrespect of a stranger's property, with the video receiving over 23,000 likes and more than 400 comments.

"I would have been MAD as hell!" wrote Mississippi Queen. "What else might have been messed with you didn't notice right away."

"When will ppl realize that showings are about the HOME and not the furniture in the home!" said Oh Bawlz.

"What in the Goldilocks was going on?!" commented user3736535295072, referencing the iconic fairy tale about a little girl who takes over a house belonging to a family of bears.

Christina Ellis said: "Honestly I may be a bit dramatic but I would feel slightly violated. Especially in my bed."

Some users recommended reporting the visitors to the agent, with Amy M writing: "As a realtor, this is 100 percent on the showing agent to let their clients know what is/isn't acceptable. "Have your agent call their agent ASAP."

BigJoe agreed, commenting: "Id call your agent and complain that's very unprofessional you don't know what people spread around."

Others shared their own nightmare viewing stories, like Saundra Avery, who wrote: "when we were selling our house ppl sat on furniture, our beds, played with my kids toys. This was when everyone had to sign a waiver for."

"Had a showing yesterday and someone left a banana that had one bite left in the floor of our master," said Kennadi Holt.

While Lexi Hobgood commented: "I had one showing they went through my belongings and took water bottles out of our storage area (nearly a dozen) and thanked the camera as they left."

At least fortdefiance's issues were limited to potential buyers and not the agent. Two real estate agents were sued by a client in December 2021, after allegedly using the listing as a sex pad, while another agent was slammed for leaving the key in the front door of a seller's home after a viewing.

Newsweek has reached out to @fortdefiance for comment.

Internet shocked by what potential buyers did
TikTok users were horrified by the mess the potential buyers made during a viewing, especially as they didn't put an offer in. A stock photo of the bottom of a filthy bath tub and drain. Viktoriia Kokhanevych/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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