Internet Slams 'Abusive' Boyfriend For 'Heinous' Trick to Keep Partner Home

A post has gone viral on Reddit after a poster shared how their boyfriend reacted to not receiving a plus-one invite to a recent wedding, most calling the boyfriend "abusive" for his "heinous" tactics.

Redditor u/throwback6790 wrote about the incident on the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" in a post that has been voted on over 14,000 times in the first nine hours since it appeared. There are more than 5,000 comments, most of whom condemn his behavior as a form of psychological abuse, something that 48 percent of people said they have experienced at least once in their lifetime, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The Redditor says that their boyfriend expects to be included in every event the Redditor is invited to. They write he even tagged along to an ex-boyfriend's funeral after "days of begging."

The Redditor said that their best friend recently got married, but the boyfriend was not invited due to how small the wedding was.

"He pitched a hissy fit saying my best friend has no respect for my relationship and was shocked when he learned that I was still going to attend," the Redditor wrote. "He told me that if he can't go then I'm expected to not go as well but that is my best friend and I had to respect her rules. He gave me an [ultimatum] either we go together or I stay home with him. I ended up going cause again I respected my friend's rules."

While at the wedding, the Redditor received a text that their boyfriend had been in an accident and left promptly and cried the whole way to the hospital trying to reach the friend who had sent the text. When they arrived, the Redditor discovered he wasn't there.

Hospital interior
A post has gone viral on Reddit after a poster shared how their partner got them to leave a friend's wedding. Above, a stock image shows the interior of a hospital. hxdbzxy/Getty Images

VeryWellMind defines emotional abuse as: "a way to control another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate another person."

The outlet goes on to explain that emotional abuse can be one of the hardest forms of abuse to recognize.

"It can be subtle and insidious or overt and manipulative. Either way, it chips away at the victim's self-esteem and they begin to doubt their perceptions and reality."

Many commenters labeled the Redditor's boyfriend's behavior as "abusive" and "controlling."

VeryWellMind writes that one of the warning signs of an emotionally abusive partner is someone who has "unrealistic expectations" like making unreasonable demands and "expecting you to put everything aside and meet their needs."

The Redditor said that after arriving at the hospital and learning their boyfriend wasn't there she became more nervous and tried to contact his friends.

"I just went home and there he was...along with his friend," the Redditor wrote. "He saw me and said that he was sorry but this was the only he can get me home after I left him alone. After the initial shock I just blew up yelling at him about lying and making me leave my friend's wedding and having me literally go to the hospital and freaking out cause of him."

The Redditor said the boyfriend said he did what he did to see if they had "really" chosen a friend's wedding over him.

"He then argued that my friend caused this and I shouldn't agree with her to exclude him, I said what he did was horrible and called him horrible and then went to my room," the Redditor wrote. "It was awful cause my friends kept calling to check in on him cause they thought he was really at the hospital. He said I overreacted and that I yelled at the wrong person."

Commenters backed the Redditor saying what their boyfriend did was out of line.

In an edit to the post, the Redditor shares that their boyfriend has had mental health issues in the past, but said it has been getting "better."

In a response to one of the comments, the Redditor writes that they do not see the situation as being about "control" because of his history.

"Please stop making excuses for him," one commenter wrote. "He is 1 million percent wrong and he is being abusive. He will use his 'mental health issues' as an excuse to continue to abuse you. Please get out as soon as you can..."

"....This is abuse. Plain and simple, only one word for it. Abuse...," wrote another.

The overarching bit of advice from commenters was that the Redditor needed to end the relationship.

Newsweek contacted u/throwback6790 for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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