Man Praised for Exacting Perfect Revenge on Sister's 'Abusive' Husband

A teenager is being commended for exacting "hilarious" revenge against his heavily pregnant sister's abusive and increasingly demanding husband.

When it comes to housework, women continue to take on the bulk of the duties.

A 2020 report by Oxfam and the Institute for Women's Policy Research found that women in the U.S. spend, on average, two hours more a day cleaning, cooking, caring for children and undertaking other unpaid work than men.

But while that disparity is bad enough, it would appear that some men are taking the division of housework to more disturbing extremes.

In a post shared to Reddit, a 17-year-old described the situation he uncovered after moving in with his sister a month ago. According to the post, which has been upvoted over 18,000 times, his sister, who is 6 months pregnant with her second child, still "does everything around the house."

He said that his sister's husband, meanwhile, "does nothing" because he is "the breadwinner" in the house. While this kind of uneven setup isn't uncommon, even in this day and age, the sibling said his brother-in-law has "taken it a bit too far" with his demands.

"He'd tell her to start his laundry once he takes off his clothes, put dinner on the table once he's home, get the shower ready and so on," he explained. His uncompromising approach has led to many fights but, until recently, the young brother had stayed out of things.

However, that changed recently when his brother-in-law began "complaining about dinner." Though his heavily pregnant wife had cooked for him, he was unhappy that she had not put it out "on the table" as she was "too exhausted" as a result of carrying his unborn child.

Sensing an opportunity to make a point, the pregnant woman's brother volunteered to serve the food—but with a hilarious twist.

"Instead of using their kitchen utensils, I used my niece's toy utensils like a toy cup, toy plate, toy fork and knife and a tiny napkin," she explained. "I put the food on the toy plate and the drink in the toy cup."

When the brother-in-law sat down to eat, he was told "if he wanted to act like a helpless child, then he might as well get treated like one."

His sister's husband reacted angrily to the prank, telling him she "disrespected him" but his overworked sibling "started laughing" when she saw what he had done.

Another argument soon erupted though and the husband is now demanding "an apology" from his wife's brother having accused him of "meddling in his marriage." Though many on social media commended the teenager for his response, some wondered whether his actions may have actually made things worse.

Total-Being-4278 thought his actions were "funny as hell" and agreed he "totally had it coming" but wondered if the prank had made the couple "fight more." They warned: "Abusive people like your brother-in-law often take these things out on people like your sister."

Sarita_sy07 agreed it was "definitely well-deserved" but noted that it "probably wasn't the smartest thing to do" given her and her sister's living arrangements. However, they noted it seemed like the sister "found it funny" and she "wasn't mad at him after" adding: "who knows maybe [his] sister is also reconsidering staying married to this sexist jerkwad."

GoodGirlsGrace said the brother's reaction was justified. "He's treating your sister like a slave - it's only understandable you would want to speak up for her," they wrote. Although they felt it was likely that the husband will now "lash out" at his sibling as a result of the humiliation and she is in an impossible position. "She's completely financially dependent, has a small child and is currently pregnant with another one," they warned. "He has complete control over her."

Others like S3xySouthernB thought it was an "hilarious response." They said: "I can't think of a more passive aggressive yet perfect response." "Unfortunately this seems like a really really toxic relationship for your sis .... There are red flags everywhere...I really hope your sis can see that and get out."

Castorblackbox, meanwhile, rejected any suggestion the teenager had been wrong to rile up his brother-in-law. "It is never a bad thing to stand-up to a bully on behalf of a person being bullied," they said. "Your method was antagonistic but he would take it poorly no matter who you communicated that he's disgusting." They added: "At least now someone has said it out loud. That streak in you to say something is a good one - cultivate it. Over time you will learn to stand up for what's right in a more skilled way."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

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