Internet Slams Father After Taking Niece on Vacation and Not Daughter

The internet is rallying against a man who took his niece on vacation and not his daughter.

Posted to Reddit's popular "AmITheA**hole forum, using the account u/throwaway63618293, a man shared his story and let the "AITA" community decide if he should be considered the a**hole in his situation. The post has over 8,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

The Redditor has a 14-year-old daughter he calls "Wendy" that lives with his ex-wife, far from his residence and has custody. He only sees his daughter once a month. His 15-year-old niece, "Claire," lives with him as he has raised her since she was a child due to her parents passing away. He writes that he is closer to Claire than Wendy since Claire is living with him. He explained that Wendy and Claire don't get along.

It's not easy to lose a loved one—especially a parent. Someone who is going through a grieving process might experience a variety of emotions including anger, guilt, shock or feeling numb, pain or even confusion, according to Healthline. Healthline recommends remaining close to other family members, therapy or support groups and discussing memories with friends and family.

Father and daughter fighting
The internet has slammed a Redditor who chose to take his niece on vacation instead of his daughter in a new viral post. shironosov/iStock / Getty Images Plus

"A while ago i got a bonus at work and i decided to go on a trip but i couldnt afford to take both girls and also the girls dont get along(which is mostly Claires fault i admit) so no one would have fun if i took them both so i had to pick one and since Wendy can go with her mom if she wants i decided that its only fair if i take Claire," he said.

When they returned from the trip, Wendy was angry at her father and claimed that he doesn't take her on vacations and "chooses his niece over her."

"ive raised Claire and i consider her my daughter so i dont think i did anything wrong. My ex however is calling me an AH and says that i always favor Claire but thats not true," he ended his post.

The "AITA" followers were quick to comment,

"YTA," u/dream_bean_94 wrote in the top comment with 12,000 upvotes, "If they're both under your care, you need to treat them as equally as possible. Should have taken both or taken neither. Or planned a comparable trip to take your daughter on separately."

"YTA. Why did you have to take the trip? Nobody was forcing you. You could have taken the trip alone or used the money to do something fun with both your girls. You have really let this relationship fester," u/Timely_Excuse2194 said.

U/Unit-00 wrote in part, "YTA, your daughter feels like you replaced her, and you kind of did."

"YTA if you can't afford to take both don't go at all. Your obviously showing favoritism," u/Geeklover1030 said.