Internet Slams Husband for Bizarre Reaction to Missing 5 a.m. Walk

A man has stirred a debate with his reaction to missing his 5 a.m. walk, spawning numerous theories about what he could really be up to.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, "AITA for not waking my husband up for his 5 a.m. walk," has been upvoted 15,100 times since it was shared on May 13. Redditor @throwaways79976 shared the post, relaying that they are 36 years old, and their husband is 39.

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Over the last month, the original poster's (OP) husband has been waking up at 5 a.m. to walk for two hours, and it's a new habit he's acquired. The Redditor added that he isn't trying to lose weight, he isn't "athletic by nature," and he also doesn't have sports hobbies or interests.

The Redditor recounted that they're "happy" for their partner as it's a positive situation. However, yesterday their husband came home after working long hours, and he stayed up late "playing" on his phone. The OP went to bed at 10 p.m. and was later awoken the next morning at 7 a.m. to him yelling.

He asked the OP why they didn't wake him up for his usual walk at 5 a.m., and he proceeded to react in a surprising way.

"He said he missed it, and I'm responsible for that," the Redditor said. "I was so confused, I said that first of all, he always wakes up by setting his alarm. Why should I be expected to wake him up this time? He yelled that he forgot to set his alarm. I said so what?"

The OP reasoned it wasn't like he missed a meeting, but their partner became angrier, adding that the walks improve his "health and restore his energy," helping him feel better. His partner mentioned that missing one of those walks isn't going to "hurt," but he wasn't having it.

"He unloaded on [me] yelling about how I was trying to prevent him [from] doing his hobby for some unknown reason," the OP added. "I told him he was sorely mistaken, even though I admit that those daily 5 a.m. walks around the veteran's [sic] park are weird, but also his reaction." The OP thought it was all "over the top."

The Redditor's husband "stormed" out, going to shower, but not before mentioning the OP "ruined" his day. After that, he was actively trying to avoid his partner, proceeding to go to work, and he didn't answer the Redditor's calls either.

The OP concluded: "Really, I'm at a loss, like maybe it was something I said about his walks, but I really don't know. He's sulking nonstop as of now, and I'm literally about to lose my mind. AITA [Am I The A**hole]?"

Upset couple on couch
The Internet is slamming a man for his bizarre reaction to missing his 5 a.m. walk. Here, an upset couple sitting on the couch. VASYL DOLMATOV/GETTY

Over 3,400 comments poured in over the viral post, and the majority don't think the OP is the one at fault in the slightest. A debate ensued over what the man could really be up to, and people aren't holding back with their thoughts on the matter.

People think the Redditor needs to investigate the situation, and one such comment, which garnered over 27,000 upvotes on its own, suggested the OP wake up early at 5 a.m. as well and see where he's going on his two-hour walks.

"Personally, I don't think it's cheating, as it doesn't explain the desperation and anger," the Redditor said. "The stakes seem to be higher, where missing his 'walk' has unpleasant consequences. Of course, it's possible he's very neurotic about his new routine, and you caught him at a bad moment, but his response is suspicious enough to dig a little deeper. Also forgot the judgment: NTA [not the a**hole]."

Another Redditor didn't think the OP is in the wrong, and they admit they wouldn't have thought the walks were "odd," but the man's "reaction" to missing one is.

"Wake him up at 5 a.m. every day for the next week and go walking with him to make up for not waking him up today," they suggested. "Bet he comes up with an excuse [for] why you can't join him."

One Reddit user isn't "convinced" the man is going on a walk, and the OP added, "This is the first response I made, and I'm relieved I'm not the only one who is questioning those walks."

Some thought it had to do with something else, such as drugs or sex. A user reasoned it isn't an actual hours-long walk, insisting, "He is either doing drugs or meeting someone for sex. No one who is super tired and forgot to set an alarm would be that mad about missing a walk unless something is happening on that walk."

A Redditor admitted they are thinking it has to do with drugs as they think if it were an affair, "I don't think he would be as angry, but withdrawal from drugs makes people crazy like that. And if he was supposed to meet up with a dealer he could lose the trust of the dealer and lose his source."

Others slammed the man for this behavior toward his partner. One Redditor didn't think the OP was in the wrong, adding that their husband is an adult and is "responsible for his own schedule," adding, "Ridiculous that he would expect you to wake him especially when you were not planning on being up at the same time."

Another user wondered what "kind of childishness is that," insisting that the man is grown and, "Surely he can set an alarm all by his very own self and...not take it out on other people if he forgets."

While one Redditor didn't mince words and said the man is "being a giant f**king baby. If he needs to take his hobby walks or it messes up his entire day, then I guess he better make sure he sets his alarm. It's absurd that you're [expected] to wake up early to make sure he gets up for his hobby time."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @throwaway79976 for comment.

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