Internet Slams 'Selfish' Dad for Taking Long Work Call on Family Vacation

A father is being called "selfish" for taking a long work call on a family vacation after getting upset with his spouse when they went to the beach with the kids without him.

The now-viral post, which has 8,000 upvotes, was shared on Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" subreddit on February 10 by u/beach643. The post is titled, "AITA for taking my kids to the beach alone instead of waiting for my husband?"

The original poster's (OP) husband is the type that doesn't switch off when it comes to their work lives, according to the poster. While the family was on vacation, the couple was going to take their children to the beach, but the OP's husband had a work call with his brother right before they were going to leave.

Their husband told them it wouldn't be longer than five minutes, but more than 30 minutes passed. The OP's 6-year-old was complaining about when they were going to leave, so the OP decided to take the children to the beach alone.

The OP continued: "I would've told him we were leaving, but he had gone into the other room and closed the door, which is his way of telling me he doesn't want to be disturbed. Instead, I sent him a text that we would see him at the beach."

However, the OP's husband sent a text back telling them to wait for him for around five minutes longer. But the poster didn't see it until they were already at the beach. When the OP's husband arrived, he was "upset" with his partner.

"He said I should've waited for him since we had the whole day to spend at the beach, and he wanted to see the kids' faces when they first got here," the OP recounted. "AITA for going without him?"

Worker on a call
The internet slammed a father for taking a long work call on a family vacation. Above, a worker is on a business call. FIZKES/GETTY

Many people prioritize work-life balance and find it integral when searching for their next career move. According to a survey conducted by GOBankingRates, 42 percent of Gen Z workers, who are 18 to 24, put work-life balance, working from home, and flexible vacation time as top priorities when searching for a job.

People are rallying around the OP with harsh criticism for their husband in the situation. Redditors don't think the poster is in the wrong, but they do place blame with her husband for not prioritizing his time with his family over work.

One comment received over 17,000 upvotes in which the poster rewrote the OP's statement about the father wanting to see his kids' faces when they first arrived at the beach. "Nice attempt at guilt-tripping you there, but no. NTA [not the a**hole]," the poster said. "If he wanted that, he should have shut off the phone."

Another user was seemingly hung up on the same fact as well. "If he wanted to see their faces, he should have prioritized it," the Redditor declared. "End of story."

A Redditor added in their own input, saying the husband made his choice "that work is his top priority over his family. He shouldn't be surprised when his kids want nothing to do with him as they get older. NTA."

Another person doesn't think the OP is the one at fault, bringing up that the husband said the call wouldn't be longer than five minutes. "He took over 30," they continued. "He has no one to blame but himself. He either prioritizes his family while on vacation, or he has to miss some important moments."

The word selfish was also thrown around by some users. "NTA," a Redditor said. "Your husband is selfish and being very inconsiderate of you and your children."

One Redditor said the father "had a choice to prioritize work or his kids." They also added, "He decided his work took precedence, you decided to put your kids' feelings over his. One of you is an a-hole and one of you is being a good parent."

One user didn't tone down their feelings, telling the OP their husband, "can't have it both ways. He prioritized work over family, so he doesn't get to give you a hard time when he doesn't get his way."

Newsweek reached out to u/beach643 for comment.