Internet Supports Man Who Got Waitress Fired for 'Ignoring' Him

A man revealed in a now-viral post that he recently got a waitress fired for "ignoring" him.

Posting in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum under the username u/Junior_Gap2129, the man said that his girlfriend is mad that he got the server in trouble. The post has garnered more than 8,600 upvotes and over 1,800 comments from supportive Redditors who said he had every right to complain about the bad service.

In his post, the man explained that he was dining with his girlfriend when the weird interaction occurred.

"This girl came to take our orders and she talks to my girlfriend first to take her order, no big deal, [but] when I think she's going to turn to me, she just says [to my girlfriend], ''and what [will] he have?'" the man wrote.

Waitress and customer in disagreement
A man revealed in a now-viral post that he recently got a waitress fired for "ignoring" him. He claimed that she repeatedly would not acknowledge him and would limit her interactions with just his girlfriend while at the restaurant. JackF/istock

The man went on to say that, throughout the entire evening, the waitress refused to speak to him.

"She comes by a few times to check if we're good but she doesn't engage with me at all, she doesn't even look at me and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable," he recalled. "I ask for some napkins and she brings them but gives them to my girlfriend. Then when my girl goes to the toilet and I call her to ask for the bill, she just ignores me."

Annoyed, he finally went up to the counter where the waitress was standing and asked to see her manager.

"She brings [over] an old lady and I explain what just happened; that while the overall service was good, she didn't even look at me once, pretended I wasn't even there and ignored me when I called her for the bill," the man wrote.

The conversation ultimately resulted in the waitress getting fired, which upset the man's girlfriend.

"She [called] me an AH [a**hole] because the girl might have some trauma regarding men," the man concluded. "AITA?"

When it comes to handling a "bad" waiter, Bon Appétit says there are a couple of routes a customer can take.

"You can grin and bear it, take the abuse, and eventually show your displeasure where it hurts the server the most: the tip. (Some restaurants pool tips so just know your financial penalty might not have the effect you intend.)," the magazine advised.

"Another option is to pull the manager (or whoever looks like they are in charge) aside and let them know what's going on. Politely ask for another server. Management at any restaurant worth returning to will oblige. If they don't, leave and tell every person you know about the experience. No need to make a scene," the magazine continued.

Redditors agreed that u/Junior_Gap2129 was right to complain to the restaurant's manager, and said that, despite what the waitress may have been going through, she should've acted professionally.

"NTA [not the a**hole]. I know we're supposed to pretend that they may have been having a bad day etc. but the workforce doesn't work that way, period," wrote u/the_last_peanut.

"NTA in the slightest," said u/RusevDayToday. "Getting fired for it is no one's fault but her own honestly, the consequences of her behavior to you, and who knows however many other patrons of that restaurant."

Redditor u/DylantotheJ added: "NTA she works as a waitress she was out of line to ignore you and only talk to your girl. Whatever bad day she was having it was her responsibility to suck it up and treat the customers properly. If she felt she couldn't handle it she should have taken a personal day."

Newsweek has reached out to u/Junior_Gap2129 for comment.

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