Internet Torn As Teacher Tells Seventh Grader 'I Don't Care' About 'Sob Story' Excuses

A teacher has turned to the internet for advice after admitting they told a seventh grader "I don't care" when they were given yet another excuse for late homework.

The teacher posted on Reddit to share the problems they've been having with a student whom they called Krissy, describing her as a "smart girl," but "extremely dramatic."

The Redditor, who teaches seventh grade at a Catholic school, listed the various reasons Krissy had given for not turning in her homework to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum.

Posting under AcanthisittaNext4890, the teacher wrote: "I have been having a lot of issues with her when it comes to late assignments. I do accept late homework, but 10% is taken off each day late until they fail the assignment.

"Obviously there are certain circumstances that students can turn in late assignments without penalty."

But Krissy had been turning in assignments late "all year," the teacher said, accompanied by "some sob story about why she couldn't get it done in time."

The Redditor wrote: "I have been giving her full credit, but every time my patience is getting thinner. It's her grandma is sick so she was visiting in the hospital, her dog ran away and she was out all day looking, her uncle is sick in the hospital, her mom got stuck at work so she had to spend all day babysitting her siblings, her dad got mad at her which sparked an anxiety attack and she couldn't do the homework.

"You get the picture. These are all excuses she's used. There's even more. I feel bad, as I think she's getting a lot more leeway than the other students."

The teacher's patience finally ran out after the students had taken their weekly pop quiz about the previous week's reading, when Krissy sidled up to offer yet another excuse.

"So the grandma of her best friend growing up passed away. She was having a very rough time so Krissy basically spent the entire week with her after school. And just couldn't get the reading done. She admitted to probably flunking the pop quiz and wanted to retake it later in the week."

Not willing to let it slide again, the teacher "looked at Krissy, sighed, and just said 'Krissy, I don't care. You do this all the time. It's not fair to the other students, you have to find a way to get your work done. The excuses are not going to work anymore.'

Krissy then "started to tear up and plead with me. I told her if she is really having these serious issues so frequently, we can have her parents come in for a meeting to figure out what we can do."

After telling the girl her options were to get the work done or the school would involve her parents, the teacher wrote that Krissy said "people like me are the reason her generation has so many mental health problems because 'we don't understand their struggle.'"

The post has blown up since being shared on Monday, amassing more than 13,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

The teacher updated the post on Tuesday, saying the Reddit commenters had helped convince them to call Krissy's mom and ask about the explanations the girl had given for her late work.

"They actually did have an issue with an uncle being in the hospital but the other ones are false. She figured Krissy was on top of all her work since that is what she told them. From now on, mom and dad are promising to be more involved when it comes to her getting her work done. Problem solved," they added.

The teacher's actions have divided opinion among Redditors, however, with some claiming Krissy could be being abused at home or have health issues.

Halseydota asked: "INFO. Why are you convinced these are 'excuses' rather than a legitimately tough personal life? Has she been proven to be a liar before?"

Jmh1881 thought: "Yes, but calling parents isn't the best solution. It's very possible she could be getting abused."

Hubble_Bubble reckoned: "Exactly my thought. I'd bet $50 that this girl has undiagnosed ADHD."

Curiousarcher commented: "Yes but the Lying could be because of untreated anxiety."

Birbinspace said: "Yep. I got to the second paragraph where the student was described and was like, ah, a neurodivergent girl whose needs aren't being met. She needs to be evaluated and accommodated."

ToadseyeGem wrote: "This rang some warning bells for me too. Tread carefully, OP. Best case scenario she's slacking off, but worst case scenario could be a lot more concerning and complicated."

Others weren't convinced by the stories. MacAttacknChz thought: "If it was just that excuse several times over, I'd agree. But 'my friend's grandma passed away and I can't do any work all week' is stretching it. She needs to learn that she still has responsibilities."

Celebritieseatbread said sarcastically: "My second cousin 14 times removed whose turtle died in 2001."

In response to the numerous comments, the teacher added: "I guess I should have added this to the post. I have reached out to the social worker. The social worker has met with her and claims she is all good."

Although the teacher didn't specify where they're based, in the U.S. the average middle school teacher salary is $49,400, according to

The website states: "Since this age is a transitioning time between early childhood and the teenage years, it is important to be understanding and patient. When behavioral or educational problems are very disruptive, it may be necessary to have extra communication with parents to resolve them."

File photo of female student.
File photo of female student. A teacher has divided opinion on Reddit after losing patience with a pupil who repeatedly hands in work late. AndreaObzerova/Getty Images