Laughter as Feisty Kitten Quickly Changes to 'Customer Service Voice'

A kitten has left the internet in stitches after showing off his vastly different personalities in a social media video.

The viral TikTok post, which can be seen here, shows the kitten screeching behind a closed door. The kitten had been branded "demonic" by the video's creator due to his alarming tone. However, after the door opens, the kitten instantly softens and lets out a much calmer and more inviting meow, one that the video creator comically labels as his "customer service" voice.

The cat had been described as "sassy" by the video creator in the post's caption.

A viral TikTok post shows a kitten screeching behind a closed door. The kitten had been branded "demonic" by the video's creator. The kitten is likely to be suffering from separation anxiety. Getty Images

Do Cats Get Separation Anxiety?

While not much background information is revealed as to the cause of the cat's sudden change in persona, it's likely that he was suffering from separation anxiety as his mood instantly lifts upon being reunited with his owner. This is even more likely considering the speed at which the cat fled the room he was in.

Although separation anxiety is more commonly associated with pet dogs, it's still a condition that's present in many cats and kittens.

Chicago-based Metropolitan Veterinary Center writes: "The truth is, though, cats have plenty of different personality types, and many of them do experience separation anxiety."

The veterinary center cites excessive meowing or extreme excitement upon being reunited with an owner as being a sign of separation anxiety. To help soothe separation anxiety in cats, the veterinary center recommends owners take baby steps to re-training their pets to feel comfortable in their absence.

This begins by leaving the cat or kitten alone for shorter periods of time at first, and by leaving the radio or television on during that time alone so that they feel less isolated.

"Create a nook, safe haven, or refuge for your cat that is their safe space and provide plenty of toys and/or puzzles for playtime while you are gone," the center adds.

Since being uploaded to the social media platform on January 17, the video, which was posted by @Shirlen_CatsLover, has garnered over 545,000 likes.

"bro was fighting his inner demons," one amused TikTok user wrote underneath the post.

"The manipulation really does start young," another user added.

A concerned TikTok user wrote under the video: "That's a kitten that desperately needs attention. It's not demonic, it's a baby."

"Poor baby was terrified of being that room all alone," another worried user wrote.

The video creator responded to the comment and reassured the TikTok user that the kitten is safe and well, and that his meows were not a sign of serious distress.

"Don't worry, dear. He was asleep with his mom at that room and mom just woke up staying in the hall. The door was accidentally closed by wind," the creator wrote.

Newsweek reached out to @Shirlen_CatsLover for comment.

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