'A Lot of Introverts in One Room': Awkward Dog Meet-Up Goes As Expected

A pet owner in Sweden has shared footage from a recent meet-up between a group of introverted dogs—and it was hilariously awkward.

In a clip posted to TikTok by qilastiktok alongside the caption "Imagine putting a lot of introverts in one room," a group of at least nine dogs can be seen standing apart from one another in a field while their respective owners look on.

While dogs often interact with each other when put in close proximity, this particular collection of canines seemingly has no interest in sniffing or barking at their fellow four-legged friends. The video, which has been viewed over 17.6 million times, can be watched here.

The concept of dogs being introverted might seem alien to some, but research suggests that despite their limited intellect, dogs are capable of possessing personality traits.

One of the most notable pieces of research in this field was published in a 2002 edition of the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science and involved researchers analyzing the behavioral data of some 15,329 dogs across 164 different breeds.

The aim of the research was to try and identify personality traits in dogs. The study yielded positive results, with scientists finding dogs were capable of a variety of personality traits including "playfulness," "sociability," "curiosity" and conversely, "shyness" to name but a few.

In the case of the pet owner sharing her own dog's experience to social media, there may be an entirely valid reason for their dog's hesitancy around other canines.

According to an Instagram post, Qila was found living on the streets of Sochi in Russia while also heavily pregnant. Her owner speculated that she may well have been thrown out by her previous owner after it emerged she was carrying puppies.

When she was first rescued by a woman posting as vikka_sochi she was said to be "really afraid and insecure." Her story eventually came to light on russian_rescue_dogs and she was adopted by a couple from Sweden.

She arrived there in August 2021, but was initially fearful of her new surroundings. "Qila was really afraid of everything and everyone," they explained. Thankfully that has changed, with Qila sharing a strong bond and happy home with her new human companions.

Even so, interacting with other dogs can be difficult. What is heartening at least is that, as the video shows, she is not alone in feeling nervous and it's completely fine to feel that way.

The video of the dogs, which varied in breed, shape and size, has proven popular with viewers seeing the sweet and funny side in the canines' lack of interaction.

Earthrated was amused at "all of them avoiding eye contact," with JimmerPlsLikeMe quipping: "This is a grade 8 dance acted out by dogs and I'm here for it."

Ymbonazza imagined the dogs saying "good hang out, let's do it again next year," while marykokohome thought they were probably all thinking "this could have been an email."

Laura_laflaca commented: "I'm dead, they are like humans," with mariet950 adding: "nobody knows what to say to get the conversation started."

Jek2jshejdnj meanwhile joked: "This is my coffee break at IT department," while Sini Karita reflected: "Every one of them is just enjoying their own company and solitude. So darn cute."

Qila may take a little longer to forge dog friendships but given the progress she has already made since her rescue, it's surely only a matter of time.

Newsweek has contacted qilastiktok for comment.

A group of dogs.
Stock image of a group of dogs - a video showing a group of socially awkward canines has captivated animal lovers online. LuckyBusiness/Getty