Who Is Jan. 6 Clark Kent? Mysterious Man Behind Pottinger Sparks Rumors

While Donald Trump was without a doubt the protagonist of the latest January 6 committee hearing on Thursday, another man, nestled in the seats of the committee's room, stole the scene: the mysterious Clark Kent lookalike sitting behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews.

The brown-haired man, wearing glasses and a suit, has been noticed by quite a few on social media, who have pointed out his resemblance to fictional character Clark Kent, Superman's specs-wearing alter ego.

By late on Thursday, "Clark Kent" was a trending topic on Twitter.

Jan 6 Clark Kent
Many watching the latest Jan. 6 committee's hearing wondered about the mysterious Clark Kent look-alike sitting behind Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews. Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images

"So Clark Kent is covering the Jan 6 hearings for The Daily Planet? Glad to know Superman's has Capitol security on his checklist," someone wrote on Twitter.

"Why are people questioning Clark Kent's presence at the Jan. 6 hearings? He's obviously covering the event for the Daily Planet," one user said.

While the prime-time hearing unfolded, a growing number of users reported being "distracted" by the presence of the Clark Kent look-alike.

Just as many started getting on the case of discovery the mysterious identity of the specs-wearing man, or at least who he voted for.

While the identity of the mystery man is still unconfirmed, the Twitter-led quest to find out who the Clark Kent look-alike is has sparked several rumors, including that saying the man might be the partner of a witness, potentially Matthews.

"The rumor is Clark Kent walked out with the blonde lady who was a witness," one user wrote. "That means he's probably a repub & now my heart is breaking. 😭😾💔 Why Clark why? You could have been so beautiful."

"So everybody seems interested in the Clark Kent guy I'm sure I saw him leaving the room with Sarah Matthews 👀," another one wrote.

It also been hypothesized that the man might be a witness, because he was sitting right behind Pottinger—Trump's former deputy national security adviser—and Matthews—Trump's former deputy White House press secretary—who were both called in as witnesses.

Journalist Yashar Ali wrote on Twitter to suggest he was aware of the identity of the mysterious man, but refused to reveal his identity.

"The good looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single. That's all I will say and that's all you need to know!," he wrote. Pestered by requests to share the name of the man, Ali later added "Leave him alone!!"

The Clark Kent look-alike certainly offered a moment of levity in a hearing that's been otherwise full with bombshell revelations.

The latest hearing shed light on the 187 minutes between the beginning of the Capitol riots and the moment Trump spoke out, asking his supporters to leave the Capitol.

The former president was seen on record saying he did not want to say the election was over, while several witnesses testified that until that moment he had ignored advice and pleas to condemn the violence unraveling in the Capitol.