Jenna Ryan, Jailed Over January 6, Tells Critics: 'I'm Going to Prison…Pop Champagne'

A Texas-based real estate agent who said she would "definitely not" go to jail for her actions in the Capitol riots because she is white and blonde has hit back at people mocking her after she was handed a 60-day prison term.

Jenna Ryan, 50, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper after she pleaded guilty to one count of parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol.

Ryan, who flew in a private jet to attend the January 6 protests in Washington D.C., has become notorious for her social media posts and comments about the riots.

In March, she bragged on Twitter that she would avoid a custodial sentence because she has "blonde hair white skin a great job a great future. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong."

After her sentencing on November 4, she posted a tweet responding to her critics.

She wrote: "I'm just gonna make a blanket statement to all the people that are calling me and texting me. You win!!! I'm going to prison. So you don't need to contact me anymore. Pop champagne and then rejoice. But just leave me alone. Thank you."

Ryan also blamed a media "smear campaign" for her sentence, posting: "I am not Going to prison for the things that I said, or standing in front of the broken window. Its for walking in Capitol for 2 mins & what the judge says is to serve a deterrence to others since I have a high profile (Which I got after the fact thanks to MSM smear campaign)."

In his sentencing remarks, Cooper said that "for better or worse, you've become one of the faces of January 6," adding that it was important for Ryan to receive a custodial sentence so others could see "how our country responded to what happened," reported The Washington Post.

"I think the sentence should tell them that we take it seriously, that it was an assault on our democracy…and that it should never happen again," Cooper said.

The judge also criticized Ryan for having "no sense of shame or guilt" about being part of the mob that stormed the Capitol.

On January 6, Ryan posted a video on her Facebook saying: "We're gonna go down and storm the Capitol."

She later posted a selfie on Twitter showing her in front of a broken window with the caption: "Window at the capital [sic]. And if the news doesn't stop lying about us we're going to come after their studios next," according to court documents.

Another video posted online shows Ryan in a large crowd attempting to walk through the entrance to the Capitol. At the beginning of the footage, Ryan is heard saying: "We are going to f****** go in here. Life or death, it doesn't matter. Here we go."

A few hours after the attack, Ryan posted on Twitter: "We just stormed the Capital. It was one of the best days of my life."

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Jenna Ryan has been sentenced to 60 days behind bars for her role in the January 6 Capitol riot. DoJ