'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Cliffhangers And Season 3 Predictions

Jessica Jones Season 2 reinvented the evil mother twist and finally got to the bottom of the IGH mystery introduced in the first season. But many of our questions remain unanswered. Here are some of the biggest cliffhangers of Jessica Jones Season 2 and a few predictions heading into Jessica Jones Season 3. This article contains major spoilers.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix March 8 at 3:01 a.m. EST. Marvel / Netflix


Trish has powers. At the end of Season 2, she drops her iPhone and it's heading right for the crack between the elevator and the shaft. At that moment, super senses kick in. She's able to use cat-like reflexes to land the phone on her toes. The experiments Malus completed on Trish worked, even though Jessica stopped the procedure before it was finished. This storyline is Trish's alter-ego from the comic books. But it's still unclear how her heroic journey will build, considering that devastating final episode with her sister (more on that later).

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This scene proves Trish has powers. Netflix / Marvel

Sup With IGH?

The IGH storyline slowly dissolved and doesn't provide a concrete resolution, just a handful of deaths. Miklos Kozlov, responsible for the combat enhancers that plagued Simpson and Trish, is dead. Karl Malus killed himself once he realized Jessica had him cornered. McManus, another one of Kozlov's dangerous patients, died tracking down Will Simpson. Leslie Hanson, the trauma surgeon who worked with Malus, was killed by Alisa Jones. Is IGH gone for good, or are there more people keeping the experiments alive?

igh jessica jones season 2 karl malus alisa jones
Karl Malus and Alisa Jones both died and we're still left with questions about IGH. Marvel / Netflix

One IGH supporter who is still alive is a man named Isaiah, who challenged Jessica when she crashed Kozlov's funeral. Rina Kozlov, the doctor's wife, is alive. Jessica declined to meet her at Kozlov's funeral. It's possible she'll want to continue her husband's legacy. There was also a man named Leland, who seemed very close to the Kozlov family, who might continue to work in the interests of IGH. Another wild-card affiliate is Inez Green, a nurse at the facility who showed less-than-noble intentions by participating in the con of Jeri Hogarth. The most suspicious affiliate still alive is David Kawecki, the man who was framed for IGH Nurse Luane McClure's murder. He was very friendly with Malus and would often have lunch with him, while watching the octopi at the city aquarium.

jessica jones David Kawecki karl malus igh season 2
David Kawecki helped Jessica Jones locate Malus, but there's still a lot we don't know about his character. Marvel / Netflix

Who Are Karl Malus' Other Patients?

Karl Malus' experiment on Jessica was successful, which means he's had the formula to create powered individuals for 17 years. Other than The Whizzer, a speedster, who else did Malus create? Having Jessica search for the remaining powered individuals would be a great way to introduce new characters to the series in Season 3.

the whizzer jessica jones season 2 Jay Klaitz
The Whizzer is introduced moments into Jessica Jones Season 2. Marvel / Netflix

New Boyfriend, Oscar?

The final scene in Season 2 showed Jessica open up to the prospect of getting closer to Oscar and his son Vido. Will she sabotage the relationship in Season 3? We learned a lot about Jessica's romantic past in the latest batch of episodes, including that her mother actually killed her first serious boyfriend, Stirling Adams. That explains why its so hard for her to maintain a relationship, but how will this affect her budding romance with Oscar?

oscar vido jessica jones season 3 boyfriend
Jessica has dinner with Oscar and Vido in episode 13. Marvel / Netflix

Who is the Season 3 villain?

With IGH threat still looming, it's quite possible the season 3 villain could be someone affected by Malus. Knowing what happened to The Whizzer, it's safe to say Jessica will be on the prowl for additional powered individuals. Someone exposed to the same trauma as Jessica could have easily taken a villainous path.

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Malus has cleary perfected the experiment he used on Jessica, Alisa and Trish. Who else is out there? Marvel / Netflix

Someone not affiliated with IGH, but suspicious nonetheless, is Maynard Tidbold. Known as The Ringmaster in Marvel comics, he attempted to hypnotize Jessica in the third episode. He didn't do anything to make us think he's headed down a supervillain path, like in the comic books, but you never know. In the comics, he's powerful enough to put crowds of people in a trance. Ringmaster first appeared in Incredible Hulk #3 (1962) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

maynard tidbold ringmaster jessica jones season 2
Maynard Tidbold appears in the third episode of 'Jessica Jones' Season 2. Marvel / Netflix

Hogarth's Survival

Hogarth's ALS diagnosis made her more vulnerable, but also more ruthless. She murders (well, manipulates someone else to murder) the man who conned her into believing he could heal people, and her willingness to kill suggests she's ready to go very far to keep herself alive. It would be crazy if Jeri pursued remaining IGH affiliates to get some sort of cure for her disease. It could put her in a more antagonistic role in Season 3.

jessica jones season 2 jeri hogarth als
How far will Jeri Hogarth go to save herself? Marvel / Netflix

Jeri has already proved she's willing to use her prowess outside the confines of the law. We saw her interact with Luke Cage crossover character, Turk Barret. She asks him if he'd like payment in cash or a favor, and he chooses the latter. This sets up an intriguing storyline for next season. What will Turk request from Jeri in the future? For more clues, check out our interview with Carrie-Ann Moss.

jeri hogarth turk barret jessica jones season 2
Jeri meets with Turk Barret in 'Jessica Jones.' Marvel / Netflix

Jeryn Hogarth and Associates

Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz is no more. After her partners threatened to kick her out of the firm due to her terminal illness, Jeri uses her generous severance to start her own firm: Jeryn Hogarth and Associates. The name is a nice reference to her full comic book moniker, Jeryn. The interesting part of this move, though, is that she specifically told her partners she's taking Rand. Jeri has a huge role in the Iron Fist comics and is vital to the hero's readjustment to New York City from K'un-Lun. Another interesting thing to think about heading into Season 3 is Foggy Nelson. He approached Jeri when he first learned of her illness, saying he's willing to fight the partners of the firm for unjustly kicking her out. Jeri declined his help, but that doesn't mean she won't need associates at her new firm.

foggy nelson jessica jones season 2 jeri hogarth
Jeri Hogarth gets sick and leaves Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz to start her own firm in "Jessica Jones" Season 2. She could use Foggy's help at her new firm... Marvel / Netflix

In the final scene with Jeri Hogarth, she invites Pryce and his new associate, Malcolm, to her home office. She has a job for them that's not suited for Jessica, and specifically says Jessica might even be opposed to it. To proceed, the two investigators will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This adds even more weight to the theory that Hogarth is not done with IGH. She's probably trying to find a cure.

pryce cheng malcolm jeri hogarth jessica jones season 3
Pryce Cheng and Malcolm made a secret deal with Jeri Hogarth. Marvel / Netflix

Trish Vs Jessica

Jessica and Trish are very different people, but they also depend on one another a great deal. The Season 2 ending put a wrench in their relationship. How do you get over the fact that your sister killed your mom? It wouldn't be surprising if Season 3 saw Trish and Jessica on rocky terms. Trish might not even tell Jessica she has powers, because all Jessica would do is try to stop her from using them. It will be interesting to see how Melissa Rosenberg shapes this relationship moving forward.

trish alisa jones death jessica season 3
Trish shot Jessica's mother in the head. Marvel / Netflix

Did Jessica Jones Season 2 leave you with any burning questions we didn't cover? Any predictions for Season 3? Let us know in the comments.