Inside Joe Rogan's Bitter Feud with CNN's Brian Stelter

Joe Rogan took a swipe at Brian Stelter during Thursday's episode of his podcast, branding the CNN host's show "f****** terrible."

During a conversation with political commentator Kyle Kulinski on The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan described a CNN segment about the popularity of YouTubers and podcasters, who in some cases have more viewers than traditional TV networks.

Rogan said of Stelter, who hosts Reliable Sources: "They were describing it as if they were entitled to viewers. This is because the market has spoken and your show's f****** terrible.

"Brian Stelter's show keeps slipping and slipping and slipping in the ratings. Same with Don Lemon's. It's the same thing. Everybody knows they're not real. They're not real humans."

Rogan also took aim at Stelter for his recent interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki, in which he asked: "What does the press get wrong when covering Biden's agenda?"

"How about Brian Stelter talking to the press secretary saying, 'What are we doing wrong? What are we doing wrong?' Like, hey motherf*****, you're supposed to be a journalist."

Broadening his criticism to cable news hosts in general, Rogan added: "They're obviously being told a certain amount of what to do.

"And I mean, maybe he'd be an interesting guy if he had his own f****** podcast, if he could just rely on his own personality and be himself. I don't know. I can't imagine doing that gig. Any of those guys. That gig is a strange gig."

Although the comments may have appeared to have come from left field, Stelter could have ruffled Rogan's feathers first, when he criticized the former Fear Factor host for claiming "straight white men" would soon be silenced.

During a May episode of Rogan's podcast—which, according to the host, gets over 200 million downloads per month on Spotify—he expressed concern about not being "allowed to talk" due to his "privilege."

"You can never be woke enough. That's the problem, it keeps going," Rogan said. "It keeps going further and further down the line and if you get to the point where you capitulate and you agree to all these demands it'll eventually get to where straight white men are not allowed to talk because it's your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history.

"It will be, you're not allowed to go outside," the podcaster added. "Because so many people were imprisoned for so many..."

As his guest, comedian Joe List, started to laugh, Rogan said: "I'm not joking, it really will get there. It's that crazy."

Stelter criticized the podcaster's comments on CNN, saying: "Joe Rogan has come a long way from eating roaches on Fear Factor, but he's still good at making people shriek."

He went on: "It's an awakening of our racial and social justice to some, but an overreaction to others. What is consequence culture for some is cancel culture to others.

"These arguments from the likes of Rogan, Bill Maher and Tucker Carlson are worth analyzing, because these issues sway voters," said Stelter, pointing to Rogan's sizable podcast audience.

He added: "Last month, Rogan basically said, 'Don't listen to me,' after arguing that young, healthy people don't need the coronavirus vaccine. But millions do listen. He's been accused of spreading conspiracy theories, and Spotify has even pulled some of his old interviews due to controversies.

"But that's clearly part of his appeal, along with unpredictability. Rogan has shown that he is not one to be pigeonholed into an ideology.

"Interviewing liberal thinkers along with those on the far right, and pushing back on conservative figures who might seem like his allies, leaving his millions of listeners to have to tune in for what he will say next."

On the "straight white men" remarks, Stelter said: "On one level it's just comical, hearing this rich and famous guy express worries that even though he's paid to talk for a living he's going to be silenced in the future.

"But he's not the only one talking that way. The fear about 'woke' culture, about an overreaction, is pervasive, especially in the right-wing media. It's worth scratching that to understand what's going on beneath the surface."

Newsweek has contacted a representative for Brian Stelter for comment.

Joe Rogan feuds with CNN's Brian Stelter
Joe Rogan (L) took a swipe at CNN's Brian Stelter (R) on his podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience." Stelter has previously criticized Rogan for his "overreaction" to "woke" culture. Vallery Jean/FilmMagic/Jenny Anderson/WireImage

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