Judgmental Dachshund Giving Owner Side-Eye Delights Internet

A judgmental dachshund side-eyeing its human has TikTok users in hysterics.

In the clip shared by Tilde (@noodleandtilde), the TikToker and her sausage dog Noodle are watching the British talk show Loose Women on TV.

Discussing a recent survey, the presenter Christine Lampard says: "New research has found that dogs do judge us and are also far more patient with incompetent humans."

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A stock photo of a dachshund looking up on green grass. Noodle's perfectly timed side-eye has viewers on TikTok in hysterics. iStock / Getty Images

Tilde turns the camera to face Noodle just as Lampard mutters "incompetent," with the tiny dachshund giving her owner some serious side-eye.

"Feel like someone in this room might have been part of the survey," wrote Tilde alongside the post, which has received 10 million views and 2.1 million likes.


feel like someone in this room might have been part of the survey (original credit @Paddy)

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Do Dogs Really Judge Us?

The study in the video was published in volume 203 of the journal Behavioural Processes, released in November 2022.

Researchers from the Kyoto University in Japan discovered that canines are capable of understanding a human's competence level, at least, when food is involved.

The study's authors asked humans to open a food container in front of 54 study participants—all hungry dogs. In one experiment, the "incompetent human" would fail to open the container in front of the dogs. In a second, the "competent human" would succeed.

In a third test, both humans tried to open the containers at the same time. In this instance, dogs looked to the "competent" human for food rather than to the "incompetent" one.

Female canines were particularly judgmental toward the human volunteers, and were more likely to approach the competent human. However, in tests where the food containers were empty, dogs showed no preference for either human.

"This result suggests that dogs can recognize different competence levels in humans, and that this ability influences their behavior," wrote researchers.

"Our data also indicate that more attention should be given to potential sex differences in dogs' social evaluation abilities."

But what if you're sick of your pooch's judgmental behavior? Leigh Siegfried, CEO and founder of Opportunity Barks, compared a dog's view of its owners to human children and their parents.

"Dogs are judging us 100 percent because it's a good survival strategy," she told Newsweek. "Do we humans judge our parents? Hell yeah, we judge our parents. That'll never change."

Siegfried explained that, when your dog doubts your competence, it's reflected in their behavior.

"Dogs are huge observational learners, and they need to feel that the human can handle the environment for them," Siegfried said.

"They're watching and looking for patterns. If the dog doesn't think you're delivering, whether that's reassuring them, guiding them or meeting their particular need in that moment, it can affect your relationship—especially if the dog is easily stressed or anxious."

Siegfried recommends that dog owners learn new techniques for communicating with their pet through body language. They should also make sure that they consistently meet their dog's needs quickly and effectively.


TikTokers couldn't get enough of the judgmental dachshund and his contempt for humanity, with KekeiMondlicht writing: "not the side eye."

"Sorry the LOOK," posted hulu, while Rose commented, "This is perfection."

"Side eye timing on 'incompetent' was personal," wrote Luchi D.

"He's like 'well i could've told you that,'" joked JBLAudio, while minmin commented, "I feel judged through my own phone." Laurel Fae posted: "I haven't laughed that hard in a long time."

Noodle isn't the only dog whose judgmental stare has taken over the internet. A Doberman pinscher giving his owners "serious side-eye" as they returned from their vacation in August 2022 received over 550,000 likes on TikTok, while a critical canine rolling his eyes at his owner was praised for his "attitude" in January that year.

Newsweek reached out to @noodleandtilde for comment.

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