'Jump Force' Basics: How to Fight and Play Shonen Fighting Game

The next big fighting game, Jump Force, is available now and the three-on-three anime fighter may seem simple, but there's a bit of depth within the gameplay.

Jump Force does put you through various tutorials when you first begin the game, but the mission desk in the lobby will also allow players to re-do them.

We highly recommend going through the tutorials to really understand how to fight in Jump Force. But here's a basic how-to fight in Jump Force guide to get you through the early stages of your Shonen adventure.

Deku Jump Force
Deku from 'My Hero Academia' joins 'Jump Force' Bandai Namco


To the right of the character icon is the Health Gauge, this is shared between all three members of your team. Other three vs three fighting games give every member of the team their own health bar, but this game is different so be aware.

As for the basic controls, players use the left analog stick to move and jump with the X/A button. Repeatedly tap SQUARE/X while standing or in the air to perform a Rush. A Rush is a simple combo that players can chain by continually tapping the SQUARE/X button.

To perform a Smash hold and release SQUARE/X, this will break an opponent's guard.

Tap the left analog up and SQUARE/X to use a High Rush and tap the left analog down and SQUARE/X to perform a Low Rush.

A High Rush will launch your opponent in the air, while the Low Rush knocks your opponent down and is difficult to counter.

Repeatedly tap TRIANGLE/Y while on the ground or press TRIANGLE/Y in the air to perform a Heavy Blow. Hold TRIANGLE/Y and release to perform a Heavy Smash.

Press CIRCLE/B while on the ground to perform a grab, this can break guards.


Now that you have attacking down, it's time to move on to character abilities and advanced attacking techniques.

Each character has three Abilities and can be performed as long as you have at least one bar of in your Ability gauge. This meter is located below the Health bar.

Holding the R2 button will let your character store up energy. You'll max out at five bars though so be aware.

When you hold R2 and press either SQUARE/X, TRIANGLE/Y or CIRCLE/B, one ability will be activated.

The Awakening Gauge is the meter around the character icon in the top right corner. This fills up as you take damage. When it is at least 50 percent full, you can Awaken and use Awakened Abilities.

To use your Awakened Ability, Hold R2 and press X/A when you are at least 50 percent full.

Pressing R3 while the Awakening Gauge is at least 50 percent full will activate Awaken. This increases your character's speed and power, and sometimes - depending on the character - changes their appearance. You'll return to normal once the Gauge is depleted.

When the Gauge is at 100 percent, you can knock enemies back when performing an Awakening.


Hold R1 to guard, this can also block special attacks. However, a throw will bypass your guard.

Players can perform a Sidestep by holding R1 and pressing a direction with the left analog. We recommend Sidestepping backwards as it leaves the enemy in front of you for a counterattack and doesn't waste your Mobility Gauge.

Tapping R1 just as you're about to be hit will cause a dodge and counterattack. You can perform this when it's timed right and you have Mobility Gauge.

The Mobility Gauge is in the lower left corner. When it's empty, you'll be unable to perform actions that use it, temporarily.

A Chase is done by pressing L1 on the ground or in the air. Your character will run toward the opponent and is the best method for shortening the distance between you. This also uses Mobility Gauge.

A great defensive maneuver is the Escape, which is performer by pressing L1 upon a successful guard or while taking damage. An Escape allows your character to get out of harm's way and put distance between you. However, this takes up a huge portion of the Mobility Gauge.


Being a three vs three fighting game, Jump Force allows players to swap in and out of team members.

In this game, tapping the L2 button will cause one member of your team to perform a Rush on the opponent. If you want your team member to just perform a Support Attack, players will need to hold L2.

If you Awaken (R3) while attacking, your teammates will join you automatically for an Awakened Team Attack.

Jump Force is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Have you tried the fighting in Jump Force yet? Any other tricks and tips for fighting in the game you can give? Let us know in the comments section below.

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