#LOONA_SOWHAT and Kim Lip Trend As K-pop Group Loona Release New Single and Music Video From Latest Album #

K-pop girl group Loona have released their latest single "So What," a track from their new mini-album titled #, along with a new music video on Wednesday. The band revealed the new album, which features six tracks, on their YouTube channel and Twitter account.

Driven by shouty vocals, a thumping beat and a heavy bass line, the new song is a fast-paced dance track that channels girl power throughout the song and music video, which a chanting chorus whose lyrics translate to: "I'm so bad, what's wrong with that? I'm so bad, so what? I'm so bad, say it more freely."

The music video sees the band dancing in different urban settings from underground car parks and subway cars to rooftops and apartment buildings surrounded by graffiti-clad walls. The members also see various wardrobe changes from colorful floral dresses and school girl uniforms to hip-hop and rock chick style outfits and military-inspired jackets.

The other five tracks in the new album include "#", "Number 1", "Oh (Yes I Am)", "땡땡땡 [Ding Dong]" and "365."

The new album and single has been praised by fans on social media who have been posting messages about their first impressions using the hashtag #LOONA_SOWHAT and the term "Kim Lip", both of which have been trending on Twitter along with various other related hashtags and terms.

Several have been commenting especially on a scene featuring Loona member Kim Lip strutting down a hallway.

"Aren't loona stage pics the best thing ever?! They all look powerful and stunning. #LOONA_SOWHAT," wrote @peachyharu.

"Let's talk about how loona are literally the queens of choreo and performances because this is so satisfying to watch #LOONA_SOWHAT," wrote @jmnsouls.

"Number 1 [a song from the new Loona album] makes me feel like I'm driving on an empty highway as the sun rises for no particular reason or something.. @loonatheworld #LOONA #이달의소녀 [Loona] #LOONA_SOWHAT," wrote @smuchuu.

"This whole scene with kim lip just screamed CLASS & FIERCENESS like YES QUEEN YOU BETTER STRUT #이달의소녀_미니2집컴백 [Loona comeback 2nd mini-album] #LOONA_SOWHAT #TheBackOfTheMoon @loonatheworld," wrote @HiisusChrist.

"CONFIDENT KIM LIP IS SO HOT #이달의소녀_미니2집컴백 #LOONA_SOWHAT #LOONA," wrote @yrmseuls.

The latest album is the group's first album release in about a year. The band have been drip-feeding fans with teaser images of the new record and music video last month.

Loona released the track "365" back in December with a new music video, which featured the group each working on a painting in a studio.


— kayla (@kimjungeunsz) February 5, 2020

The 12-piece band are expected to perform with only 11 members for the time being, with Loona member HaSeul currently on leave following health concerns, Loona's record label Blockberry Creative (a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment) confirmed in a statement last month.

"Haseul recently went to the hospital to receive treatment for symptoms of anxiety. There she was diagnosed with recurring anxiety, and her doctor recommended that she receive treatment to make a full recovery," the company confirmed in the statement, Soompi reported.

"Haseul will be spending time with her family and her group members and focus her strength on recovering. Until such time, she will not be promoting the new album # (Hash).

"We will release a statement when we have an update from Haseul's doctor on her condition," the company added.

Back in October last year, Polaris Entertainment faced a 360 million won ($304,047) lawsuit for a project with Loona that allegedly was never completed. The case caused a storm of worry among fans who feared the potential disbanding of the group at the time.

K-pop Loona Seoul South Korea Mnet 2018
K-pop girl group Loona pose on the red carpet at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Seoul on December 10, 2018. Getty Images

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