Kari Lake Celebrates German Court Overturning Election

Kari Lake, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, celebrated a German court ruling that overturned Berlin's election and ordered a new one.

"Berlin state elections declared void," Lake wrote in a tweet on Monday, sharing an article from DW News published in November.

The Kari Lake War Room Twitter account also posted the same article, titled "Berlin state elections declared void." In the tweet, the Kari Lake War Room account wrote, "You're up next, @maricopacounty."

The tweets by Lake come shortly after Berlin conducted its redo of the 2021 state elections on Sunday after a court ordered that the initial results be voided.

In November, DW News reported that a judge in Germany's constitutional court ordered that the city's elections, which occurred in September 2021, must be redone because of the "frequency and gravity" of mistakes that were made in the initial election. According to DW News, there were no reports of voter fraud but there were reports of irregularities that violated laws.

kari lake election overturn germany
Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake speaks during a campaign rally attended by former President Donald Trump at Legacy Sports USA on October 9, 2022, in Mesa, Arizona. In inset, Berlin Governing Mayor and Social Democrat Franziska Giffey speaks to the media a day after the Berlin state election redo on February 13, 2023, in Berlin, Germany. Lake is celebrating a German court ruling that overturned Berlin's election and ordered a new one. Mario Tama/Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Last month, DW News reported that Germany's Federal Constitutional Court ordered that the September 2021 elections be redone on February 12.

"We will now do everything possible until February 12 to ensure that a smooth election is held in Berlin," former Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey said, according to DW News.

On Sunday, Politico Europe reported that the new elections were completed and Christian Democrats had an early lead. According to the Associated Press, the final results will appoint a new mayor as well as senators in the German capital.

Lake lost her race to Democrat Katie Hobbs in 2022 but didn't concede and continues to argue that there was election fraud and that the results should be overturned.

A spokesperson for Lake's press team told Newsweek on Thursday that the decision in the Germany elections "is just the latest example of elections being overturned when it was discovered they were unfair.

"If the cabal that controls the Maricopa County BOS and Recorder's office had an honest bone in their body they would follow suit.

In December, a Maricopa County judge ruled against Lake's claims which prompted her to bring the case to Arizona Appellate Court.

"The panel could issue a ruling, or if they have questions, they could ask for supplemental briefing or bring in attorneys for oral argument....Our expectation is the panel will move this case quickly. As soon as I have more information—you'll be the first to know. I will never stop fighting for you Arizona!" Lake previously tweeted in regard to her continued legal efforts.

Earlier this month, Lake appeared on the Real America's Voice show hosted by conservative commentator Charlie Kirk and spoke about a potential Senate run if she doesn't receive a "decent ruling" in her elections case.

"Yes, I am entertaining it. I mean my number one priority is our court case, and I have full confidence in our court case and I hope we will get a judge to do the right thing," Lake said when asked about a potential Senate run.

Update 2/16/23, 9:04 a.m. ET: This story has been updated with comment from Lake's press team.