Lauren Boebert Faces Calls to Be Censured as Ilhan Omar Remarks Anger Democrats

Social media users have reacted with anger following Representative Lauren Boebert's comments about meeting Representative Ilhan Omar in an elevator at the Capitol.

Boebert, a Republican who represents Colorado's 3rd congressional district, is also facing calls to be censured after a video was shared to Twitter of her relating a story about Omar and a Capitol police officer that concluded with a joke about a bomb in a backpack.

Omar, a Democrat who represents Minnesota's 5th district, responded to the video on Twitter and said "this whole story is made up."

She added that it was sad that Boebert "thinks bigotry gets her clout."

In the video, Boebert told a story about meeting Omar in an elevator as she was leaving the Capitol and a police officer rushing toward them.

"I see fret all over his face, and he's reaching [...] The door's shutting, like I can't—I can't open it—like, what's happening?" Boebert said.

"I look to my left, and there she is. Ilhan Omar. I said, 'Well she doesn't have a backpack, we should be fine.'"

Boebert again referred to Omar as a member of the "Jihad Squad"—repeating a phrase she'd used during a debate on the censure of Republican Representative Paul Gosar.

Some social media users responded with outrage and called for Boebert to be censured by the House of Representatives.

Mehdi Hassan, host of The Mehdi Hassan Show on MSNBC, was among those suggesting the Republican face censure.

"This is disgusting," Hassan tweeted, sharing the video of Boebert's remarks.

"How is this ok? How is this not worthy of censure? Of being stripped of committee assignments? I don't expect anything from the GOP anymore but, hey, Dems? Anyone going to do anything about this racism and anti-Muslim bigotry? Do Muslim Americans not matter?" Hassan wrote.

Democratic Representative Cori Bush of Missouri's 1st district said Capitol Hill "is a toxic work environment for Muslim members and staff when bigots routinely spew racist, Islamophobic vitriol unchecked and with no consequence."

"Congresswoman @IlhanMN, we love you, and we pray for your well-being and protection from this despicable abuse," Bush said.

Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania's 1st district tweeted: "Your reminder that @laurenboebert is a poor man's Sarah Palin. Less of the charm, more of the racism."

Julián Castro, former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, called Boebert's comments "Completely disgusting bigotry."

"Has no place in our country, much less the halls of Congress," Castro tweeted.

Other social media users expressed solidarity with Omar and supported calls for Boebert to censured or even removed from Congress

Reverend Chuck Currie of the United Church of Christ said: "As a Christian minister, I stand with Rep. Omar. Lauren Boebert's religious bigotry should disqualify her from serving in Congress. Just as importantly,@RepBoebert, Islamaphobia [sic] is a sin."

"At minimum, this deserves censure. Completely inappropriate behavior from Boebert," tweeted Jacob Smith, an assistant research professor of statistical science at Duke University.

Huzaifa Shahbaz, a researcher on global Islamophobia, wrote: "Boebert's racist remarks shows us that Islamophobia is a human rights abuse plain and simple. It is used as a rhetorical machine to deem Muslims unworthy of dignity and existence."

He added that "We shouldn't expect the GOP to censure" Boebert.

"Will the Republican Party condemn Lauren Boebert for Islamophobia?" asked Jon Munitz, COO of political media network the People's Basics.

"Will the media ask Republicans if they condemn this? We all have a feeling this will just go nowhere, if any accountability is wanted Dems have to censure her & then Republicans will claim Dems are too partisan," he wrote.

Boebert Listens During a News Conference
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) listens during a news conference in front of the U.S. Capitol July 1, 2021 in Washington, DC. Boebert has been criticized for comments she made about Representative Ilhan Omar. Alex Wong/Getty Images