'Let's Go Brandon' Commercial Airs During Super Bowl

A Republican candidate running for Senate in Pennsylvania ran a campaign ad heavily featuring the conservative catchphrase "let's go Brandon" during Sunday's Super Bowl.

The 30-second ad from GOP candidate David McCormick, using the thinly veiled attack on President Joe Biden, aired in Pennsylvania during Super Bowl LVI as the Cincinnati Bengals played the Los Angeles Rams

The campaign ad features the chant, which is a direct replacement for the "f**k Joe Biden" phrase which was heard at major sporting events across the country in 2021, while news headlines that have plagued the Biden administration for the past year are displayed.

These issues include rising inflation rates, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan last August, record-breaking numbers of people illegally entering the country at the southern border and the U.S. trade deficit hitting all-time highs.

The ad concludes with text reading "This is so much bigger than Brandon" and a voiceover from McCormick stating he approved the message.

The "let's go Brandon" meme stems from NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast claiming on air that a section of the crowd at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama was chanting "let's go Brandon" in support of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown following his victory last October, instead of "f**k Joe Biden."

Since then, conservative figures and Donald Trump supporters have used "let's go Brandon" as a way to openly criticize the president without the expletive language.

McCormick, a Gulf War veteran and former CEO of one of the world's largest hedge funds, Bridgewater Associates, previously told Fox News why he decided to use a "let's go Brandon" chant in his campaign ad.

"The frustration and anger we are feeling toward the failures of our current leadership in Washington is what motivated me to run," McCormick, one of several Republicans seeking to be their party's candidate in the Senate election, said.

"Whether it's not being able to afford gas or groceries because of record-high inflation, rampant crime in our cities, a dramatic spike in the trafficking of fentanyl and human exploitation across open borders, or the disgraceful lack of accountability for the death of 13 young service members in Afghanistan—these problems were self-inflicted by Joe Biden and the extreme policies of the left," McCormick added. "Pennsylvanians have had enough."

Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb, one of the Democratic aspirants to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, criticized the ad.

Lamb tweeted: "Dave McCormick is too much of a coward to say 'Let's Go Brandon' himself, but pathetic enough to spend millions on a Super Bowl ad to say it for him. I'm not a hedge fund CEO & don't have my own millions. Help us beat this nonsense."

McCormick has been contacted for comment.

lets go brandon super bowl
A protestor holds a 'Let's Go Brandon!' sign in Grand Park at a ‘March for Freedom’ rally demonstrating against the L.A. City Council’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city employees and contractors on November 8, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. A Republican candidate running for Senate in Pennsylvania ran a campaign ad featuring chants of "Let's go Brandon" during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Mario Tama/Getty Images