'Life or Death Mission': Dogs Hilariously Rescue Toy Puppy From Evil Vacuum

A viral video has hilariously depicted the bond between dogs as two canine siblings made sure to leave no one behind when it came to hiding from the dreaded vacuum.

It's a known fact that most dogs aren't big fans of the vacuum cleaner, but these ones took that point even further, making sure it had no way of touching any of them—even the stuffed ones.

Shih Tzu Terrier mixes Charlie and Esme have gained over 5 million views on TikTok with their hilarious rescue mission of a stuffed toy dog from their owner's vacuuming. The video, which can be seen here, has both entertained and melted hearts online, prompting a series of vacuum-based jokes.

Dog and vacuum
Stock image of a dog and vacuum. Getty Images

In the video, the vacuum approached the stuffed toy multiple times, pushing into it at one point, as Charlie and Esme battled against it. While one appeared to lunge and bark at the machine, the other grabbed the toy by the ear, dragging it back to safety.

The pair then even teamed together to both bite and drag the toy back even further, taking it completely under the bed, safely away from the vacuum.

"That was a life or death mission. Execution was flawless," commented one user.

"They legit had a whole tactical plan," added another.

"They worked as a team and fought with all their might," joked one user. "Nothing but heroes here. I salute you doggo."

Charlie and Esme are far from the only dogs in the world to dislike vacuums—in fact, most do. Dog walking company Wag! cites the cause of this dislike as the machine's large nature and "growling noise that can be threatening to your animal." The company says that "vacuums in particular can be frightful because your dog feels trapped in the same room with the vacuum, and they may also want to protect their owner."

The dog walking company also says that some dogs "may also want to chase and attack vacuums" as it could remind them of the cattle they naturally chase.

Pet MD recommends that owners who wish to get their four-legged friends accustomed to the vacuum use treats to make them feel more at ease with the machine and make a positive connection instead.

Just last week, another different yet just as hilarious dog rescue of sorts went viral on TikTok. Marcela Wolf shared her Ring doorbell footage that caught the moment a man attempted to rescue a dog that had fallen into a pool.

Although the dog seemed unfazed by the whole ordeal, and simply began swimming towards the stairs, panic appeared to set into the man. He instantly ran to the dog to grab it, but instead followed suit and stumbled into the pool himself, head first and fully clothed.